The approach to vaping in the USA

On a global level, views on vaping differ from country to country but the approach taken in the UK has public health experts approval. The rise in popularity of e-cigarettes in the UK ties in with the decline in smoking rates. This has led to a number of respectable UK organisations endorsing e-cigarettes. Will vaping in the USA follow suit?

In the States, the approach to vaping has seemed counter-productive to public health. The industry in the country has a misplaced agenda and harsh regulation. The majority of coverage from the USA is negative and focuses on dubious studies. Rather than concentrating on the health benefits of e-cigarettes compared to smoking. Other topics have seemed more important; the gateway theory in particular.

Professor Peter Hajek recently highlighted this in the House of Commons. He discussed the differences in approach between the US and the UK Hajek suggested that the focus in the US is more prominently related to nicotine and addictiveness. He dismissed concerns of a ‘gateway theory’. Explaining that e-cigarettes with nicotine are “spectacularly unattractive” to non-smokers.

Professor Peter Hajek on vaping in the USA

U.S scientific body produces E-cigarette Report

A recent report from The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine provided a more sensible approach. In the report: Public Health Consequences of E-cigarettes, a number of conclusions were made. One regarding harm reduction is particularly positive.

“There is conclusive evidence that completely substituting e-cigarettes for combustible tobacco cigarettes reduces users’ exposure to numerous toxicants and carcinogens present in combustible tobacco cigarettes.” This sits in line with the findings from UK health bodies which state ‘vaping is far safer than smoking’.

American Vaping Association President Gregory Conley told the New York Times: “The bottom line for the American public is that the main conclusions of this report are consistent with those reached by respected organizations like the Royal College of Physicians and Public Health England.”

Anti-vaping bodies in the US may oppose these findings and misinterpret what was presented. Yet, comments like Conley’s shows the influence that the UK has on global vaping. Many believe the UK leads the way with e-cigarettes. While vaping in the US still remains uncertain, reports like this one are a step in the right direction.

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