It’s certainly not the first time we have heard scare stories relating to the safety of e-cigarettes and there will probably be more to come. It’s far too easy for the media to jump on the bandwagon and associate e-cigarettes with the negative stigma that follows smoking.

The most recent attack on e-cigarettes comes in the form of findings from the University College London, who have conducted a study claiming that particular e-liquid flavours can be harmful to sperm cells. The test was sampled on 30 samples of sperm and they came to the conclusion that Cinnamon flavours and Bubblegum flavours can both affect fertility in men.

An article by The Daily Mail: Now a warning that e-cigarettes could Damage sperm follows on from previous unreliable studies claiming that ‘E-cigarettes cause heart disease’ and that ‘E-cigarettes damage DNA’. The article hardly touches on the fact that regular cigarettes are vastly more dangerous than e-cigarettes.

Please let us know what you think of the article by Daily Mail and your opinions on the constant scaremongering in regards to e-cigarettes.