We have finally managed to get hold of our £2,500 winner!

After a day of desperately scrambling to get hold of our winner, at 4pm we had a breakthrough as he replied to our email and explained he was contactable.

At haste we excitedly picked up the phone and after a few nervous rings, Basar answered… We filmed the whole thing so here’s how it went down!

It was Claire who shared the news with Basar and it was greeted with huge cheers from the onlooking team at Totally Wicked.

Basar’s reaction was heart-warming as he explained that he had never won anything like this before. When we asked what he would spend his money on, his answer was “Buy a round of pints”… Great answer Basar!

We’re delighted to have made Basar’s day and are wishing him a huge congratulations from everybody at Totally Wicked.

The fun does not stop there though, tomorrow we go again. We will be contacting the winner of £5,000 to let them know. We have not yet notified our £5,000 so it could be you! Then it’s time for the big £10k next week!

Join us in congratulating Basar and make sure you keep up to date with our social media over the coming days.