Throughout our 10 year anniversary month of October we’ve been sharing some our memories from the past decade, including some of our favourite products, videos and a short film documenting Totally Wicked’s history.

We are now going one step further and after digging through our archive of vintage products, we will be giving away some of favourites from over the years to some dedicated Totally Wicked customers. There will be 10 giveaways, one for each year of Totally Wicked’s existence and we’re sure you’ll remember the likes of the Screwdriver, eGo-C and the Odyssey Pipe!

TW Screwdriver giveaway

It’s not that easy though, these are some of our most prized possessions so we won’t just be giving them out to anyone. Each product will have entry criteria and we will pick our winners for each of these giveaways at the end of October.

Some of these products are almost 10 years old so as you could imagine they’re like gold dust so this could be your last chance to get your hands on these treasured antiques.

The competitions will take place on Facebook so if you haven’t already liked our page, click here to head over there now and give us a like to make sure you don’t miss out.


Of course, these products are for ornamental purposes only and should not be used. Please view our terms and conditions. Good Luck!