A major benefit of vaping, alongside its ability to help smokers finally abandon their unhealthy habit, is that the various e-liquids available on the market are so tasty. Whether you’re searching for a fruit, sweet or creamy taste, there’s bound to be the right flavour solution to keep you happily vaping away. However, like all tastes, there are some that go together, and others that really don’t. If you like to snack as you vape, then we’re here to help you identify what snacks taste best. Set your taste buds alive and make your vaping experience as flavourful as possible.

What flavours go together

When making a meal or choosing a drink to accompany your food, considering the different flavours that will be at play is important. This ensures you enjoy what it is you’re tasting, without one part negatively affecting the other. The same rules apply for vaping. Vaping with food means you’ll be tasting two separate things at once, and it’s important these two tastes don’t clash.

Craving a sweet, naughty treat? Then you’ll need to know what flavours marry well together. If you’re using an apple flavoured e-liquid, for example, then considering what flavours are usually partnered with apple will help you to decide on your snack. Apple works well with cinnamon and custard flavours. Indulging in a Danish pastry would be a good choice of snack when using an apple flavour e-juice.

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Image of danishes

What vapers snack on

We headed to popular vaping forums such as e-cigarette-forum.com to see what flavours vapers like to combine when choosing the ideal snack. For one member, a cup of tea with sweet doughnut and cake flavours is always a good match. Though technically not a snack, a drink is still filling and has plenty of flavour that needs to be perfectly combined with your e-liquid options. Vanilla flavoured e-liquids with desserts are also a popular option, as the vanilla enhances the flavour in the puddings.

Image of tea and cake

If you’re a fan of the flavour of tobacco or are sticking to this flavour while you make the transition to quitting smoking, then tobacco is particularly well paired with coffee for a classic flavour combination. If you’re planning on snacking on something healthier, however, then fruit flavours pair particularly well with fresh salads or vegetable crudites.

Taste the benefits

An added bonus of snacking while you vape is that both the flavour of your e-liquid and your chosen snack can be enhanced once you’ve found the perfect combination. This means that your taste buds can enjoy a medley of complex flavours, all at the same time. If you started vaping as a means to quit smoking, then you’re probably more than aware that smoking dulls your taste buds. Being able to still get your nicotine fix while enjoying the taste of both a vape and a snack is just another benefit of quitting cigarettes.

What snacks do you like to vape with and why? Let us know your perfect combinations in the comments section.

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