Many vapers have an e-liquid flavour preference. Nowadays, there are so many flavours, varieties and brands to choose from that it can be overwhelming for new vapers. You can even mix your own flavour and create something completely new. So, when you eventually do want to branch out into a new flavour, where do you start? We explore the world of e-liquid flavours.

e-liquid and e-cigarette

Sweet Vs. savoury

It’s probably no surprise that sweet flavours tend to be favoured over savoury. The chemicals used in e-liquid are the same chemicals that are used to flavour foods. This is why some of them taste so realistic. Lots of us tend to opt for sweet flavours because they are the ‘safe’ option. Fruity flavours like blackcurrant, blueberry, cherry and strawberry are extremely popular. This could be because we are already familiar with artificial fruit flavours as we encounter them in sweets and drinks on a regular basis. We are therefore more likely to trust another artificial representation of the flavour, as we can imagine what it will taste like.

What about savoury flavours?

The majority of e-liquid flavours available are sweet, however more companies are now producing savoury flavours. One American company created a ‘Nacho Cheese’ flavour for the 2014 Superbowl. This was tested out by a team at Vice who described it as ‘very food-y’, ‘a heinous, heinous flavour’ and said that it tasted ‘like vomit’. With reviews like that, it’s clear to see why most vapers gravitate towards sweet flavours!

Business Insider say ‘Flavour is how we perceive food and other substances based on a combination of senses, which include taste, touch, and smell (as much as 80% of what we perceive as taste actually comes from smell)’. Therefore, it could be the smell of savoury flavours, as well as the taste that makes them more unappealing. We don’t tend to experience savoury flavours in any other sense than by eating the solid object. However, we do taste fruit and sweet flavours through other, unusual means such as chewing gum and candy. All of these factors could be contributing to the unpopularity of savoury e-liquid flavours.

Neither sweet nor savoury

One of the flavours that does go against the grain is Ice menthol. Along with tobacco, this is one of the most popular flavours that neither fits into the sweet nor savoury category. This flavour blends different mint styles with an icy experience for a refreshing taste. Despite the flavour not being extremely savoury in quite the same sense as nacho cheese, or as sweet as a classic fruity style, it is a nice alternative. So, if you want to try something a bit different, but aren’t ready to go completely unfamiliar, Ice menthol could be a great option.

Something out of the box

If you’re bored of the usual flavours that you seem to see regardless of brand, why not try something completely original? The Diavlo range is inspired by the underbelly of London and has three flavour sections, each named after a different London set. You can choose tastes from The Carnation Street Gang, The West Enders Gang and The Old Bill. With flavour names such as ‘The Guv’Nor’, ‘Jack The Nipper’ and ‘Micky’s Girl’, you’ll be sure to find one that suits your tastes as well as pleasing your sense of humour.

If you’re worried about trying the flavours without knowing what they’ll be, fear not! Each one has a great description next to it, so you can know what to expect from your chosen character.


What’s your favourite e-liquid flavour? Let us know in the comments!