Let’s be honest, it’s freezing. Every year we are surprised in the UK when the colder weather arrives, we never feel prepared. We have written guides in the past all about summer and how to vape during the warm weather, but we have never touched on the W word (winter that is). So let’s take a look at how to survive the cool season and keep on vaping safely.

E-cig batteries and the cold

Batteries do not like the cold.

For any battery to work there is a chemical reaction that happens internally, a cooled battery means a slower electrochemical process. As the weather turns colder e-cig batteries may operate at lower than the maximum voltage, might recharge slower and not hold their charge as long.

You can avoid some of these things by following some simple steps. Keep your batteries safely tucked away in an appropriate vaping case or sleeve and try not expose them to the elements. Don’t leave them in cars overnight and try to execute battery changes indoors.

Cold batteries = Unhappy vapers.

Cool e-liquid and we don’t mean menthol!

Your e-liquid cannot freeze, some vapers even store it in the fridge. But the average fridge temperature is between 3°C and 1°C. But when I got into my car this morning it was -4°C, which is cold enough to have some adverse effects on your e-liquid.

High VG e-liquids are thick anyway, but if kept at low temperatures they can become even thicker, meaning they are harder to pour and may be difficult to wick into your atomizer head until they have returned to room temperature. No one likes a burnt atomizer head.

Avoid this by keeping your e-liquid indoors at room temperature, or why not invest in some higher PG e-liquid for the winter months.

Metal e-cigs and mouthpieces

Metal feels colder during low temperatures. This is because it is such a good conductor it ‘pulls’ the heat away from your body.

Leave a metal e-cig in the car overnight and you might find it a beastly little thing come the morning. If you have a metal mouthpiece it can almost feel like your lips are going to stick to it.

Why not swap to a plastic mouthpiece this winter, and maybe consider a silicone sleeve for your e-cig. We stock a wide range of vaping accessories.

Don’t be an obnoxious cloud chaser

When it’s this cold, you can see your breath. This happens because as you exhale the water vapour in your breath condenses into tiny droplets and ice.

This also means that if you are exhaling huge clouds of vapour they will linger in the air for much longer.

Vaper makes huge Vape Cloud


Don’t be an obnoxious cloud chaser, consider the people around you. We know that the risks from passive vaping are low, but most people don’t want to walk out of a shop, stressed from Christmas shopping to be engulfed in someone’s exhaled cloud, I’ve been a vaper for many a year and I certainly don’t.

Take care when driving, if you exhale in a cold car your vapour will not dissipate anywhere near as quickly. Always have a window cracked open and don’t chuck your clouds while driving.

Finally if you really want to feel those #wintervibes why not take a look at your favourite arc e-cigs all wrapped up for winter!

These are just a few tips you can follow to help you vape happy this winter. If you have any others that we might have missed let us know in the comments below.

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