Be honest, as vapers whether we like to admit it or not, we exhibit certain…behaviours.

It’s a strange phenomenon in the world of e-cigs as these habits seem to be universal, like we are all interconnected somehow. An ‘I vape, you vape’ kind of deal. Maybe we all subconsciously take a draw at the same time, something to think about.

2 Girls using E-cigarettes


So let’s take a look at some of the signs that you are most definitely a vaper.

You have a dedicated vape bag / pocket / pouch. Because you cannot have your vape gear laying in the bottom of the bag fluff.

Vaper’s tongue is a constant worry. When you vape and don’t immediately get the full flavour you have a moments pure panic that you can’t taste it anymore.

OMG is no longer a slang term, it means zero nic.

When talking to other vapers you slip into ‘vape language’, more acronyms than man has ever known.

Vaping Abbreviations


You try and turn any electrical device off with 5 clicks (Ok this one is probably just me and not universal).

You give other vapers a subtle nod while checking out their mod.

There is a special space in the car that is reserved for your e-cig. “No that is not a drinks hold buddy take that coffee outta there.”

Two handed activities are slightly more difficult. It doesn’t enter your mind to just put the e-cig down.

You match your e-cig to your nails (Again possibly just me).

Woman using E-cig to match her Red Nails


You know more about e-cig legislation than most politicians.

When someone stops you to tell you vaping is worse than smoking, you have a prepared speech to prove that that is not true.

“Does anyone have a tissue”, of course you do. E-liquid spills happen, you are prepared.

That phone can stay at 10%, I have an e-cig battery that needs charging.

E-Cigarette and Mobile Phone


Keys, phone, wallet, e-cig, e-liquid.

These are some signs that you are definitely a vaper. Let us know of any we missed in the comments.