Totally Wicked recently signed the Armed Forces Covenant to show our support for the Forces. As part of our pledge, we offer a site-wide discount to all serving personnel, reservists, veterans and military families.

This commitment has now been extended to all Blue Light Card holders to celebrate all serving personnel. This includes Police Officers, members of the Fire Service, NHS workers and many other service employees.

Do you have a Blue Light Card?

All Blue Light Card holders can now enjoy a 25% site-wide price reduction at Totally Wicked. Simply head to the Blue Light Card website, log in and search for Totally Wicked to claim your code.

Blue Light Card


Simply enter your code at checkout and enjoy your discounted price. Don’t worry, you won’t have to enter your code every time your order. After your first use, you will be put into our Blue Light Card group and all full-priced products will be discounted for you automatically!

Let your co-workers know

Of course, it’s important for serving personnel to perform to a high standard and it could be argued that smoking could be counter-productive to this. Vaping is now recognised as being 95% safer than smoking so the more serving personnel who ditch the cigarettes and switch to vaping, the better.

Do you know any Blue Card Light holders who still smoke? With this 25% discount, now is the perfect time for them to make the switch. Or, do you know a vaper with a Blue Light Card? Tell them about this discount and save them a bit of money on their vaping supplies…

Police Sergeant, Paul Hevey said:

“Having been given the opportunity to try Totally Wicked products has been fantastic. I have tried to quit smoking on many occasions but was unsuccessful. Vaping has removed the need for smoking and the bad consequences as well such as the smell and taste not to mention the health benefits.

Not smoking in my role in the Police service removes the embarrassment smelling of tobacco, and allows me to concentrate on my work instead of thinking when my next cigarette will be.

Switching to vaping has been the best decision I have made and I couldn’t thank Totally Wicked more.”

Andy Reid, Totally Wicked Brand ambassador and Armed Forces Veteran said:

“As a former member of the Armed Forces I know how important it is to be fighting fit at all times I also know how stressful especially on operations life in the army can be which is probably the reason lots of our armed forces smoke. 

As Vaping is known to be better for you than smoking so I believe that if our soldiers can make the switch to Vaping they can get fitter and also save themselves some money.”