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Welcome to Wicked Premier Exclusive Rewards

Rewarding Customer Loyalty

Wicked Premier

What is Wicked Premier?

Wicked Premier is our way of rewarding customer loyalty.

Our most loyal online customers gain entry to the premier tier of Totally Wicked. Your first perk is FREE UK Delivery For Life on all orders, no matter the size.

Want more? Read on and discover all the exclusive benefits, just for you, when you are part of the only premier vaping club.


15% discount

15% off every order, forever, without needing to use a code. Your discount is automatically applied at the checkout.

Premier Days

Say hello to Premier Days. These are just for you and mean that on certain days throughout the year, the discounts across the site are EVEN better. You will only hear about these via our newsletter. If you don't want to miss out, make sure you are signed up.

Prize Draws

Place an order throughout the month and you are entered into our monthly giveaways. These are not just any prize draws, these are Totally Wicked prize draws. You don't want to miss this. 

How do I gain access to Wicked Premier?

As this is for our most loyal online customers (sorry only available to those in the UK at the minute) you cannot buy your way in, you have to meet one of these criteria: 

  1. Shop with Totally Wicked online and have spent a minimum of £500 Or placed 12 orders.
  2. Be an active Club Wicked subscriber.

Club Wicked

Club Wicked is a part of Wicked Premier.

You get all of the perks listed above as well as the best way to order your e-liquid. 12 of your favourite vape juices delivered to your door every month, without the need to re-order. Your site-wide discount also gets better the longer you stay with your subscription.

Once you have been with the plan for 6 months, in month 7 your savings increase to 17.5% and keep going for a full 12 months and in month 13, you will start to save 20% on all orders.


Pay Less for e-liquid with e-liquid subscription


Wicked Premier FAQs

Is Wicked Premier available to anyone?

At the moment this is only available to customers within the UK and is exclusively for online customers.

When will my account switch to the Wicked Premier group?

When you have reached either 12 paid for, completed orders or spent £500.

Why are customers who shop instore not included?

Online vaping retailers are not allowed to offer a traditional loyalty scheme. So we created our own unique one for our online customers. The stores offer their own loyalty rewards through stamps/points.

What if I want next day delivery?

As a Wicked Premier member you get FREE UK standard delivery. But if you want next day delivery you just pay £6.99.

Do I still get an extra bottle of e-liquid as I have spent over £30?

Yes you still get an extra bottle of e-liquid when you spend over £30. If you are buying an e-liquid subscription the extra bottle of e-liquid is not included.

How are Prize Draw winners chosen?

Wicked Premier members who place an order during a qualifying month you will be put into the prize draw. Everyone has their name in once, regardless of the number of orders placed. A random number generator is used to select the winning customer. One winner is drawn per month (unless we decide to draw more...).

What will the prizes be?

Prizes will include items such as e-liquids, kits and merch. Please note prizes cannot be exchanged and there is no monetary value equivalent.

When will the winner be selected?

The winner is drawn within 10 working days of a new month.

How will the winner be notified?

One of our customer service team will call the winner and then will follow up with an email.

How often will you have Premier Days?

We will have at least four Premier days during the year, in addition to other offers and discount days.

How will I hear about when a Premier Day is?

The only way to find out about when our Premier Days will be is to be on our mailing list. If you have not signed up to receive our emails then you will miss out. Ensure the option is ticked in your account

As a Club Wicked e-liquid subscriber how does this affect me?

All members of Club Wicked are automatically part Wicked Premier. Your subscription will continue as normal, but you will also be included in the monthly prize draws and have access to the Premier Days.