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Our Range of E-liquids

Premium e-liquid brands to suit every vaper from Totally Wicked

Red Label E-liquid

Red Label

Red Label e-liquid is the complete flavour experience for vapers. Combining truly authentic flavours with market-leading standards for e-liquid manufacture, Red Label sets the benchmark for a premier e-liquid product.

Why choose Red Label e-liquid?

  • Perfect balance of vapour production and nicotine throat hit
  • Huge range of authentic flavours
  • Works brilliantly in almost any vaping device

Who is it for?

Both new and existing vapers who require a premium quality e-liquid which can be vaped all day whilst satisfying their nicotine requirements. Vapour production will please the vast majority of vapers, without being too overbearing.

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Mr Wicked's E-liquid

Mr Wicked’s

Mr Wicked’s Premier E-liquid is the culmination of 10 years e-liquid manufacturing experience. Each great-tasting flavour has been specifically formulated to deliver the ultimate flavour experience in your vaping device. Launched in 2018 to celebrate our 10th anniversary, Mr Wicked’s Premier E-liquid truly represents 10 years of e-liquid expertise…bottled.     

Why choose Mr Wicked’s e-liquid?

  • Each formulation delivers outstanding flavour
  • Exceptional balance of vapour and nicotine delivery
  • Perfect performance in almost any e-cigarette

Who is it for?

Existing vapers looking for a special flavour experience from an e-liquid which will perform brilliantly in their vaping device.

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Symphonic nic salts e-liquid


Symphonic represents a true evolution of the e-liquid flavour experience. The high VG next generation “nic-salt” formulation expertly combines intense flavour with controlled delivery of nicotine, providing a uniquely satisfying vaping experience in almost any e-cigarette device.

Why choose Symphonic e-liquid?

  • Fantastic intense and complex flavours
  • Controlled nicotine delivery via next-generation nic-salt
  • Works brilliantly in almost any vaping device (regular, high and ultra)

Who is it for?

A vaper who really appreciates the flavour experience from e-liquid. The high VG next generation “nic-salt” formulation has been optimized for use in any e-cigarette device, meaning both regular and enthusiast “cloud chasing” vapers can enjoy the flavours available in the Symphonic e-liquid range.

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Diavlo E-liquid


Diavlo e-liquid is perfect for regular and enthusiast vaper to enjoy smooth clouds of flavour from their e-cigarette device. The innovative high VG formulation performs superbly in both regular and higher-powered devices, meaning the e-liquid can be enjoyed by MTL and DL vapers.

For enthusiast sub-ohm vapers a selection of the great tasting flavours in the Diavlo range are also available in a thicker e-liquid formulation known as Diavlo “Heavy”. This e-liquid delivers the ultimate smooth, ultra-high vapour production experience for any enthusiast vaper.

Why choose Diavlo e-liquid?

  • Large vapour production delivers enhanced flavour experience
  • Controlled nicotine delivery for “cloud-chasing” enthusiasts
  • Works brilliantly in both regular and high-powered vaping devices

Who is it for?

Diavlo e-liquid is for regular and enthusiast vapers who appreciate smooth clouds of vapour combined with a great tasting flavour experience. Diavlo heavy e-liquid is specifically for enthusiast “cloud chasing” vapers requiring big volumes of flavoursome vapour. 

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Titan E-liquid


Titan e-liquid has been a Totally Wicked customer favourite since 2009. This internationally manufactured e-liquid combines outstanding flavour with a nicotine throat hit akin to the smoking experience. The range has been the trusted e-liquid partner for countless Totally Wicked customers for over a decade, and their loyalty is testament to the enduring appeal of Titan e-liquid.  

Why choose Titan e-liquid?

  • Unrivalled tobacco and menthol flavour experience
  • Intensely satisfying throat hit
  • Great performance in starter kits

Who is it for?

Titan e-liquid is for a regular vaper who requires excellent delivery of nicotine with an intensely satisfying throat hit. It is extremely popular with vapers using higher nicotine strengths who appreciate a truly authentic tobacco and menthol flavours.

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Switz E-liquid


Switz e-liquid is the ideal partner for someone new to vaping. The simple yet satisfying choice of four e-liquid flavours demystifies the overwhelming choice of flavour available to new vapers, whilst the balanced 50:50 PG/VG formulation guarantees an exceptional vaping experience in any starter kit.  Three simple nicotine strengths (low, medium, and high) are available to provide the optimal nicotine delivery for new vapers depending on their consumption of cigarettes.

Why choose Switz e-liquid?

  • Bridges the gap between the smoking and vaping experience
  • Simple choice of satisfying flavours
  • Exceptional performance in starter kits

Who is it for?

A new vaper looking for an e-liquid offering a simplified flavour choice, easy to understand nicotine strengths, and outstanding performance in their new starter device.  

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Switz Smooth E-liquid

Switz Smooth

Switz Smooth e-liquid is the result of a long-term R&D project to advance the next generation of “nic-salt” e-liquid formulation, delivering smooth nicotine satisfaction with controlled throat hit in the same 4 flavours and 3 strengths of the highly acclaimed Switz e-liquid range.

Why choose Switz Smooth e-liquid?

  • Simulates smoking experience
  • Eliminates new vaper cough reflex
  • Next generation “nic-salt” e-liquid experience

Who is it for?

Smokers new to vaping. Switz Smooth provides a simplified flavour choice, “cigarette-like” smooth nicotine delivery and a reduced new vaper cough reflex. It is an ideal choice for the novice vaper.

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Patriot American E-liquid


Patriot E-liquid delivers a truly authentic taste of North American flavours. Developed in partnership with our USA supplier, the range has been formulated with a high PG ratio to deliver a crisp flavour experience and satisfying throat hit.

Why choose Patriot e-liquid?

  • Great tasting flavours direct from the USA
  • Formulated with UK manufactured pharmaceutical grade nicotine
  • Satisfying nicotine delivery and throat hit

Who is it for?

Regular vapers looking for a USA inspired flavour experience from an e-liquid which will deliver an excellent throat hit and consistent performance in their device of choice.  

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Mix your own E-liquid

Mix Your Own E-liquid

Totally Wicked was an early pioneer of mix your own e-liquid, allowing our customers to access all the high-quality ingredients required to mix e-liquid at home. The diluents we supply to customers for mix your own e-liquid are all high quality, pharmaceutical grade. Our Gold Standard Concentrate range consists of over 80 premium-quality flavours, all subject to the same rigorous standards of quality and inhalation safety assessment as our ready-to-use e-liquid brands. Our pharmaceutical grade NICO-ICE product provides you with an unflavoured nicotine base, enabling you to mix flavoured e-liquid at home in a variety of nicotine strengths. 

Why choose Mix Your Own E-liquid?

  • Unrivalled value for money  
  • Highest quality ingredients
  • Versatility to mix your own flavours in variety of nicotine strengths

Who is it for?

An experienced vaper of any type of e-cigarette device with an interest in creating their own flavours using high quality ingredients.

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