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Vape Guides

We are your guide on your vaping journey. If you need any help, you are in the right place.

Here you will find a full suite of guides that cover all of the major vaping topics. If you need help with choosing a vape pod, vape mod, the best vape kit for you then look below. Need to know more about e-liquids? Or what nicotine strength to choose? Then there is a guide for you. This is an ever evolving page so check back often.

New to Vaping

New to vaping

Are you a smoker who is thinking of making the switch to vaping? Or are you just looking for some hints and tips? This new to vaping guide has everything you need to know about starting vaping. Quitting Advice Guide.

Starter Kits

Best vapes to stop smoking

If you have already been looking at an e-cig to quit smoking then it means you are already very aware of just how much choice there is. But don't worry, this guide is here to help you pick your ideal e-cig starter kit. Best starter kits to stop smoking.

Vape Mods

A guide to vape mods

Vape mods are slightly more advanced than the pen style e-cig you may have seen. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and vape mods usually give you greater power and even more customisation of your vaping experience. Vape Mods Guide

Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes

Even though electronic cigarettes might look different, with pen style, vape pods, box mods and vape mods all available; they all work in the same way. This guide will give you all the basics you need. Guide to E-cigs.

Best vapes for every vaper

Best vapes for every stage of the vaping journey

Whether you are a brand new vaper or a vaping veteran, there will be a time when you want to choose a new vape kit. This guide talks you through the best e-cig for you. Best Vapes Guide.

Vape Pods

A guide to vape pods

Vape pods are a great way for smokers to break the chains of cigarettes. Simple to use, even easier to maintain and ideal for vaping higher nicotine strengths and nic salts. Vape Pods Guide.

Priming your Atomizer Head

How to prime your atomizer head

We have a mantra here at Totally Wicked, prime your atomizer head. It is an essential step in your vaping set up and without it you can prematurely stop your coil from working. Atomizer Priming Guide.

Our E-liquids

A guide to our e-liquids

What is e-liquid? What ingredients make up our e-liquid? What are the differences between vape juices? These are just some of the questions we answer in our ultimate guide to e-liquid. E-liquids Guide.

What Nicotine Strength?

What nicotine strength should you choose?

Even if you are an experienced vaper, it doesn't mean that your nicotine strength needs are the same as they were 12 months ago. Read more here about choosing the right nicotine strength. Nicotine Strength Guide.

Mix Your Own E-liquid

A guide to mix your own e-liquid

DIY e-liquid, or mix your own is the perfect way to fully control your vaping experience. You get to make your e-liquid to your exact specifications and you can even save some money. Mix your own e-liquid guide.

A Guide to Nic Salt E-liquid

A guide to nic salt e-liquid

Nic Salt e-liquid is a great option for a wide variety of vapers. This guide runs you through exactly what Nic Salt vape liquid is and the differences between freebase nicotine and nic salts. Nic Salt Guide.

What Are The Best E-Liquid Flavours for 2021?

What Are The Best E-Liquid Flavours for 2022?

Many vapers have an e-liquid flavour preference. Nowadays, there are so many flavours, varieties and brands to choose from it is easy to pick a flavour you like and not deviate from it. Best E-liquid Flavours.

What Are The Best Dessert E-Liquids?

What Are The Best Dessert E-Liquids?

Dessert e-liquids are sweet, complex flavour combinations ranging from traditional puddings to light summer treats. Best Dessert E-liquids.

What Are The Best Menthol E-Liquids for 2021?

What Are The Best Menthol E-Liquids?

We have every menthol you could wish for, regular menthol, ice, double, tobacco, fruit, every combination. So, let us run through some of the best menthol flavoured e-liquids for vapers who want that cool kick in 2021. Best Menthol E-liquids.

What Are The Best Mouth to Lung E-Liquids?

What Are The Best Mouth to Lung E-Liquids?

High PG, nic salt or a higher nicotine strength are the best e-liquids for mouth to lung (MTL) vaping. The higher PG content means that the e-liquid is thinner and can gets to your vape coil quicker... Best Mouth to Lung E-liquids.

E-Liquid Ingredients - What's In Your E-Liquid?

E-Liquid Ingredients - What's In Your E-Liquid?

There are four ingredients in e-liquid, two diluents: propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerine (VG), nicotine and flavouring. E-liquid Ingredients.

What happens to your body when you take in nicotine?

What happens to your body when you take in nicotine?

This morning, many people in the UK will have begun their day by consuming two naturally occurring chemicals; namely the caffeine in their morning cuppa, and nicotine. What happens to your body when you take in nicotine?.

How Long Does E-liquid Last?

How Long Does E-liquid Last?

Yes e-liquid does have an expiration date, usually two years after an e-liquid is manufactured. E-liquid is known as ‘shelf stable’, which means if it is sealed and stored correctly it lasts a long time. How Long Does E-liquid Last Guide.

How to Refill an E-cigarette - A Guide for First Timers

How to Refill an E-cigarette - A Guide for First Timers

Getting your first e-cig means one thing, lots of information to take in. But vaping is simple once you have got to grips with the basics and you realise that all e-cigs work in a really similar way, they just look different. Refilling an E-cigarette Guide.

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