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E-liquid testing - Know what you’re buying

Every batch of Totally Wicked e-liquid is fully tested

You’d be forgiven for asking the question why does it really matter e-liquid is fully tested? After all, e-liquid is a relatively simple mixture of base liquid (propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine), nicotine and flavouring. How hard can it be to mix the ingredients together and put the e-liquid into a bottle? Our answer would be there is a great deal to consider when manufacturing sector-leading quality e-liquid products suitable for inhalation, and the application of Totally Wicked’s principles of integrity in all that we do separates our premium-quality e-liquid products from much of the market competition.

Yes, all legitimately produced and sold nicotine-containing e-liquid in the UK is tightly regulated, but we go beyond the standards mandated by regulation in terms of product quality and safety. Extensive laboratory-based testing of e-liquid is absolutely essential for an outstanding and safe vaping experience. This is what you should expect from any premium e-liquid product, and this is what Totally Wicked delivers. Every batch of e-liquid we produce is subject to rigorous quality control testing in our state-of-the-art analytical laboratory, no “ifs”, and no “buts”.

Totally Wicked has the right facilities, the finest quality ingredients, and the best team with unrivalled experience in the manufacture of e-liquid. We lead the sector for quality standards of e-liquid manufacture and our expertise is recognised both nationally and internationally. Senior members of our quality and R&D teams are active members of CEN/TC 437 “Electronic cigarette & e-liquids” committee, and have made significant contribution to the development of new European standards defining safety and quality requirements for e-liquid manufacture.  

High-quality ingredients: Defining a premium-quality e-liquid product

How do you as a vaper measure the quality of an e-liquid experience? No doubt your answers will vary but we’ll wager a very significant number of you will equate the quality of an e-liquid with the ingredients used in its formulation. And you’d be quite right to do so! Totally Wicked e-liquid ingredients are of the highest quality available, sourced only from approved suppliers that demonstrably share our principles of integrity and understanding of quality management. We don’t just shop around for e-liquid ingredients at the lowest price; indeed, our ingredient suppliers are able to command premium pricing due to the exceptional quality of the raw material ingredients they consistently supply.

Developing such strong supplier relationships affords us absolute traceability of all ingredients, from the beginning of the supply-chain right through to each individual bottle of e-liquid we produce. All batches of Totally Wicked e-liquid are carefully sampled and recorded in our product library, enabling investigation or recall in the unlikely event of a batch issue being detected.  

Testing of every ingredient batch

We take the great pride in the way we test the quality of our e-liquid ingredients at Totally Wicked. Every batch of e-liquid ingredients delivered by our suppliers is accompanied by a laboratory certificate of analysis, but we don’t rest there. Each ingredient batch is subject to quality testing in our own analytical laboratory. We deem an essential part of our quality process is to verify conformity with our supplier’s ingredient specification. Each batch of ingredients is held in a designated area until our QC team has completed testing. Only once quality acceptance criteria have been met will the ingredient batch be released for use in e-liquid formulation. 

Pharmaceutical grade base e-liquid ingredients

The UK-sourced propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine used in our e-liquid products is of the highest quality pharmaceutical grade, and each batch received from our approved suppliers is subject to testing in our laboratory in order to validate its purity prior to use.  

Nicotine ingredient of industry-leading quality

Totally Wicked recognised very early on in the formative years of the UK vaping sector that the use of pharmaceutical grade nicotine was of paramount importance in the delivery of an exceptional vaping experience. Totally Wicked was one of, if not the first, company to use pharmaceutical grade nicotine in all its e-liquid products. We have partnered with just one UK-based nicotine supplier for over 7 years, building an enormous level of trust. In that time, we have found they are the UK’s industry leader in the supply of pharmaceutical grade nicotine products for good reasons. Whilst it’s certainly true that there are other cheaper supplies of pharmaceutical grade nicotine available to the UK vaping sector, Totally Wicked sets a higher standard for light taste and clear colour in the nicotine used in our e-liquids. This means they truly deliver an exceptional vaping experience which is superior to the market competition.

Great-tasting flavours assessed for vaping safety by experts.

Totally Wicked enjoys a strong reputation amongst vapers for the creation of bold and complex flavours, expertly formulated to deliver an unrivalled vaping experience. As with our principles of integrity when sourcing nicotine of market-leading quality, we only work with a small group of approved suppliers who are recognised as the leading providers of food-grade flavours to the UK vape industry. The strong relationships built between Totally Wicked and its flavour suppliers, combined with sector-leading analytical facilities, enable us to state with authority that we know precisely what is in our e-liquid.

We go beyond the requirements of the Tobacco and Related Products Regulations to provide you with a safe vaping experience. All our flavours are regularly tested using validated GC-MS analytical techniques and certified free of substances believed to be unsuitable for inhalation such as diacetyl, acetyl propionyl and acetoin.1 Laboratory certificates of analysis for each of our e-liquid ranges are available on our website. We have also engaged with external accredited laboratory partners to test key emissions of all our flavoured e-liquids to confirm safety for inhalation.

But we don’t just rely on chemistry when we state our flavours are safe to vape. Totally Wicked has engaged with UK-registered toxicologists to assess the inhalation suitability of all the flavour ingredients used in our e-liquids. We know exactly what is in our e-liquid and perform industry-leading levels of product safety assessment to guarantee you experience a safe vape, together with a great-tasting vape.

1. Subject to Limit of Quantification (LOQ) of analytical method.

Internationally manufactured e-liquids: Identical quality standards to “made in the UK”

Totally Wicked’s Titan and Patriot ranges, with e-liquid formulated by our manufacturing partners and then subsequently packaged at our UK site, are tested to identical quality standards as our wholly UK produced e-liquid. We have two long-standing relationships with suppliers who have consistently demonstrated over 10 years their commitment to our stringent standards of e-liquid quality and safety. Our supplier relationships are of the utmost importance, and we work closely with their teams to assure both quality and consistency of every e-liquid batch.  Indeed, we take responsibility for the nicotine quality as seriously as having our UK pharmaceutical grade nicotine shipped to the USA for inclusion in our exclusive Patriot E-liquid range.

Evaluation and continuous improvement of our quality standards

We challenge our own manufacturing standards and testing regimes through a process of continuous review and improvement. This is driven by meticulous study of new research data, monitoring our own testing data, and input from individual team members who contribute to our manufacturing and testing processes. 

UK’s most trusted e-liquid experts

Earning the trust of our customers is at the heart of everything we do. Actions, not words, have earnt the trust of our loyal customers over the last 12 years. We will similarly strive to earn the trust of customers new to Totally Wicked. We manufacture premium e-liquids from the highest quality materials, in the right facilities, employing the skills of UK’s leading experts. We are here to help you, and always happy to hear from our customers. If you have any questions about the quality standards and testing regimes of Totally Wicked e-liquid then please do not hesitate to contact us. 



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