Vaped by Totally Wicked

Welcome to Vaped, a digital magazine focusing on anything and everything to do with e-cigarettes and vaping. We cover a wide range of topics, all with vaping as their core focus. Some of these topics include new legislation that could affect the way you vape, any design and technology advances to help you upgrade your e-cigarette, and views into popular culture from the perspective of vaping.

We also cover important health and safety concerns that first time e-cigarette users may have, and aim to show our readership just how much better vaping is for you versus other alternatives that you may currently use. As a new form of technology vaping has an air of mystery circulating around it which we aim to dispel with our insightful and informative articles.

More about Vaped

Totally Wicked first began their foray into writing about e-cigarettes and vaping with a printed publication. This came after years of in-depth experience with the products first hand, including everything from manufacture to maintenance. Now their digital magazine, Vaped, will be furthering their ability to review and assess the vast and constantly growing world of vaping. If you own an e-cig or are looking to buy one, then our UK magazine will give you all the information you need.

We have a great passion for all things e-cigarette related. This includes starting from the very basics of why and how you should vape, to where you are able to do so, and fully embracing vaping culture. As well as publishing in-depth pieces that can focus on interesting and casual topics such as what celebrities vape, we also ensure we have the latest vaping news at hand.

We believe it is incredibly important that our customers and readership is kept abreast of the latest e-cigarette news, as well as being able to view new vaping products making their way onto the UK vaping scene.