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E-liquids Guide

E-liquid is a key component of your vaping experience. There is so much for vapers to choose from that it can be confusing as to what e-liquid is and how it works.

Let’s take a look in details about e-liquid and its ingredients.

What Is An E-Liquid?

E-liquid is the fuel that powers your e-cig. It is a liquid that is vaporised by your device and is turned into a ‘vapour’ that you can inhale.


 What is in our e-liquid

What Ingredients Are E-Liquids Made From?

E-liquids are traditionally made up of four ingredients; flavouring, two diluents and nicotine. The nicotine is optional.

  1. Propylene Glycol (PG) – PG is one of two diluents used in e-liquid.
  2. Vegetable Glycerine (VG) – VG is the second of the two diluents.
  3. Flavouring – This one is as simple as it seems. The flavouring provides the flavour that you taste when you vape your e-liquid. An e-liquid can contain one, or a number of flavourings.
  4. Nicotine – While the majority of e-liquids do contain nicotine, it is optional and there are a lot of zero nicotine e-liquids available from Totally Wicked. This is the part that your body craves when you stop smoking.


All of the ingredients in Totally Wicked e-liquid are sourced from suppliers that we have long standing relationships with. They are all the highest quality ingredients available and we will never compromise on quality.

What Are The Differences Between PG & VG E-Liquids?

As mentioned earlier, there are two diluents in e-liquid. These are PG and VG and both perform different functions.

E-liquids have different ratios of these two diluents. So on an e-liquid listing you may see something like this;

PG:VG 50:50

This is referring to the diluent ratio of the vape juice. The example above means that both are the same ratio in the e-liquid. But why is this important? Well that’s because depending on which diluent is in a higher concentration, alters the vaping experience. 

Propylene Glycol (PG) E-Liquids

PG performs a few functions. It carries the flavouring in the e-liquid and is responsible for the ‘throat hit’ part of the vaping experience.

If an e-liquid has a higher ratio of PG then when you vape it, you get more throat hit and a more intense flavour experience.

Vegetable Glycerine (VG) E-Liquids

VG also performs a few functions. It is responsible for the vapour production part of the e-liquid, as well as some sweetness and thickness. So e-liquids that have a higher concentration of VG are much thicker, produce more clouds of vapour and are a little sweeter overall.

How To Choose An E-Liquid Flavour

One of the great things about vaping (and let’s be honest the fun part) is the sheer amount of flavours there are to choose from when it comes to e-liquid.

E-liquid flavours are like food. Everyone’s palate is different, what some vapers will love, others will hate.

The best way to choose an e-liquid flavour is to think what you like in your everyday life. If you have a sweet tooth then you might want to go for something from our ‘Sweets and Desserts’ section. Want your vape to taste like your cigarette brand, have a look in our ‘Tobacco’ section.

We have broken our e-liquids down into flavour ‘types’ this makes it easier to find your new favourite vape juice.

On our site you can find;

Tobacco e-liquid flavours by Red Label



Menthol flavour e-liquids by Red Label



Fruit / Spice flavour e-liquids by Red Label

Fruit & Spice


Drink flavour e-liquids by Red Label

Drinks & Cocktails


Sweet / Dessert flavour e-liquids by Red Label

Sweet & Dessert

We have a guide to the best e-liquid flavours of 2021 which you can check out here.

Which E-Liquid Nicotine Strength Is Right For Me?

If you are brand new to vaping and trying to pick your first e-liquid, the best way to pick your first nicotine strength is to compare it to the number of cigarettes you usually smoke a day.

What strength of e-liquid do I need?

But this can be a difficult one to recommend, as every vaper is different. You might be a 20 a day smoker, but only need a 0.3% (3mg/ml) e-liquid, on the flip side you might be a five a day smoker and need a 1.8% (18mg/ml) e-liquid.

The best way to choose your first nicotine strength is to use the table above as a guide. But don’t be put off if there is some trial and error at first.

What Is The Average Expiry Date On E-Liquid?

We advise that any e-liquid that is two years after its date of manufacture should be disposed of.

One question we do get quite often is that the e-liquid that has been received it out of date. Not all of our e-liquids have an ‘expiry’ date on them, some have a D.O.M, this is the date of manufacture. Red Label and Symphonic now do have the expiry date on. So if you have a bottle with a D.O.M. on then it is fine for two years after that date.

For more details, check out our guide: How long do e-liquids last?.

Is It Bad To Vape Expired E-Liquid?

Vaping e-liquid that is over two years past its date of manufacture isn’t bad for you, or harmful to your health.

It is harmful to your overall vaping experience though. After this date your e-liquid may not taste the same and you may not be getting the full expected nicotine delivery.

Can You Buy E-Liquids Online?

Yes absolutely. Here at Totally Wicked we have made buying your e-liquid online quick and easy.

Each of the flavours has a full description so you can read about the full flavour of your e-liquid. Not only that but we offer free delivery on UK orders and a full support section to answer all of the commonly asked questions.

Plus, once you have found your all day vape, we offer an e-liquid subscription service. This allows you to choose 12 bottles of your favourite e-liquid once at a discounted price and they are delivered to your door each month without you have to re-order.

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