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Refer A Friend

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Recommend Totally Wicked to your friends who smoke or vape and we’ll reward you both.

Refer your friends and they will receive 15% off their first order, they can also earn you both some credit to spend on our website. The more friends you introduce to Totally Wicked, the more you save!

How to refer a friend - step one

Login to your account.

How to refer a friend - step two

Go to the refer a friend tab.

How to refer a friend - step three

Enter your friends email address.

So you've referred your friend, what now?

Once your friend has spent over £15 on our website, you will both automatically get £5 credit on your accounts!

You can also refer multiple friends, for multiple rewards! It doesn't matter if they are smokers or vapers, refer up to 4 friends every month and we’ll reward you every time.

If you've been referred, there's also a way that you can get more...

Spend a total of £40 or more on your first order and you will get £10 credit on your account... the person who referred you will still get their £5 credit too!


How Many Friends Can I Refer?

You can refer up to 4 friends each month. This will reset at the start of each new month.

Can I Refer A Friend By Word Of Mouth?

Currently it is not possible to refer a friend via word of mouth.

I've Been Referred By A Friend, How Do I Get My Reward?

You will get an email to say you have been referred, along with a 15% code to use on your first order. If you spend over £15 on our website, then you will get £5 credit on your account. If your first order is £40 or over, then you will get £10 credit.

I Referred A Friend, How Do I Get My Reward?

Great stuff! If you referred a friend, then all you have to do is wait until they have placed they have spent over £15 with us online. Once their order has been delivered to them, you'll get £5 credit added to your account!

What Can I Spend My Credits On?

The credits can be spent on anything you like, including items that are on offer!

Terms & Conditions


  • Credits can only be used online or over the phone.
  • Credits have no cash value, and can only be redeemed on the Totally Wicked website.
  • You must be aged 18 years and above to place an order and refer a friend
  • We reserve the right to change or remove the refer a friend scheme at any time
  • Referrals valid only to UK based customers
  • Referrals are limited to 4 friends per month
  • Totally Wicked’s decision will be final regarding any referral
  • These terms and conditions do not affect your statutory rights


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