Who is Totally Wicked?

Established in 2008, Totally Wicked is at the forefront of vaping in the UK. We value honesty, integrity and putting our customers first. We offer our customers only the best vaping products on the market and a whole host of UK produced and manufactured e-liquid. Want to learn more about Totally Wicked? Visit our About us page.

How can I get involved with Totally Wicked?

There are various ways to contact us, via social media, email or just give us a call.



Email – info@totallywicked-eliquid.co.uk

Phone – 01254 692244

Do you ever have money off?

Yes, we have weekly offers that change every Thursday. Keep an eye out on our Weekly offers page.

Do you have discount codes?

Yes, we post codes onto our Twitter and Facebook. There are different codes across each platform so make sure to check each often to get the best deal.

Do you have any retail shops?

Yes, we currently have eight company shops and hundreds of reseller outlets across the country. To find your nearest visit our find a store page.

Why do you rebrand everything?

There are several reasons why we rebrand our products. If you are getting a Totally Wicked version of a product you know it’s genuine, there are a lot of none genuine (Clone) products flooding the vaping market and you can never be sure if yours is the real deal, with a Totally Wicked product you have that assurance. When we put our name on an e-cig it means it has been through our strict testing regimes and is only the best, only when we are happy of that do we brand it. You also have the backing of our warranty and excellent follow up customer service.

How do I become a Totally Wicked stockist?

If you are interested in stocking Totally Wicked products, simply visit our reselling opportunities page to find out some more information, then fill in our online enquiry form and a member of the wholesale team will be in touch.


What are the delivery options available?

There are various options for delivery, including UK first class and special delivery, as well as free delivery over £50. See our Delivery page for more details.

How long will my parcel take to arrive?

This depends on what delivery option you choose when ordering. See our Delivery page for in depth details.

My parcel hasn’t arrived, what can I do?

If you are in the UK and haven't chosen special delivery, then please allow up to 10 working days for your parcel to arrive, for Europe and the rest of the world please allow up to 25 working days. If this time has passed then please contact our customer service team on: 01254 692244 who will be happy to help.

How do I cancel my order?

Simply call our customer service team on: 01254 692244

What payment methods do you accept?

PayPal, Visa, Maestro and Mastercard. (Amex not accepted)

What name will appear on my bank statement?

Totally Wicked

What countries do you deliver to?

We deliver to all countries, however each country has it's own rules on the import of e-cigarettes and e-liquids and we recommend checking these out before ordering as we cannot hold any responsibility for items which have been held/destroyed by customs, or incur a customs charge. If you have a query contact our customer service team on: 01254 692244.

How will my parcel be delivered?

In a plain white, padded envelope, with a return address on the outside for Pillbox 38.


Is vaping safer than smoking?

Public Health England recently released a study that found vaping 95% safer than smoking. But we still cannot say this for sure. Scientific studies are still ongoing and the outlook is good.

Will I save money with vaping?

We calculate you can save up to £2600 a year by making the switch to vaping. See our Vaped Magazine article for a breakdown.

Is there any passive smoking with vaping?

There is no passive 'smoking' as what you are inhaling and exhaling is vapour. The most recent studies have shown that the risk of passive vaping is very low.

What age can I vape from?

We as a company have always had a very strict over 18 policy. Now it’s the law, so is illegal to supply vaping products to anyone under the age of 18.


What is an e-cig?

An e-cig is an electrical device that vaporises e-liquid into an inhalable form. It is an alternative way to obtain the nicotine your body is craving. Made from three component parts; a rechargeable battery, a tank, and an atomizer head, easy enough for any adult to use and make the switch to vaping. See our new to vaping page to guide you through some basics of an e-cig.

Why are there so many different e-cigs available?

E-cigarettes are about choice. There is the perfect e-cig for everyone out there. Having such a wide range of choice means you can mix and match and try new things until you find your ideal vaping set up.

What e-cig should I buy?

This depends on a number of factors and personal preferences. Why not call our customer service team who will be happy to guide you through your purchase. Alternatively have a look at our starter kits section or new to vaping for advice.

What is a disposable e-cig?

A disposable e-cig cannot be charged or refilled. You can vape it until it runs out, it then needs to be disposed of. These are perfect for those who want to sample vaping but not commit to buying a full kit or for nights out and travelling. Find the full selection in our starter kits section.

What is variable voltage?

Variable voltage gives another level to your vaping experience by allowing you to control the amount of voltage being provided to your atomizer head. See our advanced vaping help and support page for more in depth information.

What is variable wattage?

Much like variable voltage, variable wattage allows you to control the amount of power being provided to your atomizer head. Preferred by many due to its ease of use. See our advanced vaping help and support page for more in depth information.

What is variable temperature?

Variable temperature is the latest in e-cig technology. Using specifically designed coils you are able to set a target temperature on your VT device in Fahrenheit or Celsius. Your atomizer coil is rapidly heated to your selected temperature, and by continuously monitoring the change in coil resistance which is caused by temperature change, the power applied to the coil is varied to keep your temperature constant. Previously the lack of temperature control meant that coils could surpass their preferred heat limit and fire much hotter than is ideal, with VT vaping the risk of this is drastically reduced. See our advanced vaping help and support page for more in depth information.

What is pass-through charging?

The ability to vape your e-cig whilst it is on charge. Have a look at our battery section to find the latest batteries with passthrough cabaility.

What is a box mod?

An e-cig in the shape of a box. Think the arc range of e-cigs and you are on the right track.

What is sub-ohm vaping?

When you are using an e-cig with the ability to vape below 1.0ohm. Generally the lower the ohm's the more vapour and flavour.

What is a mechanical mod?

A mechanical mod is an e-cig in its most basic form. A battery tube, which you place a battery into. You press a switch which completes a circuit and provides power to your atomizer head. Easy to set up, tricky to get right and not for beginners. You need to know your battery safety and ohms law so read up first. See our advanced See our advanced vaping help and support page for some basics.

Will an e-cig stop me from smoking?

We do not promote e-cigs as a stop smoking device. They are an alternative way to get the nicotine that your body is craving.

Can I vape whilst pregnant?

Please consult your Doctor or Midwife.

Atomizer Heads

What is an atomizer head?

The heart of your e-cig and what does the bulk of the work. An atomizer head contains the heating coil that takes power from the battery and vaporises your e-liquid.

How long will my atomizer head last?

This depends on the type of atomizer head, the settings you are using and how often you vape. Atomizer heads are classed as a consumable item and as such come with a dead on arrival warranty. They will not last forever and normally within a week or two will need replacing. This time is drastically reduced if they are being vaped at high powers.

Why are there so many different types of atomizer heads?

To give people choice, some people want a higher resistance, others want nickel to use with a variable temperature device. So much choice means versatility for vapers. Also each tank will take its own style of atomizer head. See our compatibility chart.

What atomizer head should I buy for my tank?

See our compatibility chart for the relevant atomizer head for your tank.

My atomizer head is crackling and popping, is this bad?

This is completely normal. The atomizer head cracking and popping is it heating up and vaporising your e-liquid.

How do I know when to change my atomizer head?

Less vapour production, constant flooding and gurgling and a slightly burnt taste are all symptoms that you need to change your atomizer head.

What is a sub-ohm atomizer head?

An atomizer head with a resistance that is below 1.0ohm. Generally sub-ohm atomizer heads produce more vapour and flavour.


What tank should I choose?

This depends, a tank used to be just a place to store your e-liquid. Not anymore, it’s all about personal preference. Have a look at our tank section, do you want a large tank that will only need filling once a day? Or something small and streamlined? Do you want to build your own coils, or just pop a new atomizer head when needed? If you are struggling to pick a tank, call our customer service team on: 01254 692244 where we will be happy to help.

Why are there so many different tanks available?

Once again choice. Different sizes, styles, atomizer head compatibilities and even colours. Have a look at our tank section for all the e-liquid tanks we stock.

Will my tank work on every e-cig?

Most e-cig tanks are cross-compatible. They come fitted with a 510 connection, which is an industry standard. If there is anything different it will be stated in the listing text of the specific tank.

I’ve broken my tank, what should I do?

The warranty does not cover accidental damage, it is there for manufacturers faults. Call our customer service team on: 01254 692244 who will be able to help you choose a new one.

Can I use every e-liquid in my tank?

All of our Totally Wicked e-liquids are safe to use in our tanks. We do not recommend using anyone else's e-liquid as we cannot guarantee the ingredients in them and therefore cannot warranty items with damage due to another company's e-liquid.

What atomizer do I need for my tank?

See our compatibility chart.


What is a built in battery?

A built in e-cig battery means that it is not removable from the device. The e-cig has the battery sealed inside it, great for easy charging and maintenance.

What is a removable battery?

A battery that can be removed from your e-cig, meaning you can always have a spare charged with you. Just remember to be safe, see the battery safety guide.

Why is the light on my e-cig flashing?

There can be a few reasons why. The main one being that your battery needs charging, give it a full charge and this should stop the flashing. If your battery is charged it could be your atomizer is not connecting correctly to the battery, try a new atomizer and see if this helps. If it continues then call our customer service team on: 01254 692244 who can help you troubleshoot. 

How long will my battery last?

This depends on how much you vape, the settings used and the capacity of the battery. 

Will I ever need to replace my battery?

Yes, no rechargeable battery will last forever. It has a charge cycle and once its gone past that it can take longer to charge and won't hold that charge for as long. This is normally 300 charges, but this is only a general rule of thumb.

What battery do I choose? 

This depends on what you want from your battery. We stock a huge variety from the easy to use pen style batteries to the latest variable temperature technology, have a look in our battery section for all available.


What are the ingredients in your e-liquids?

There are 3 ingredients in our e-liquids. Diluent, nicotine and flavour concentrate, all pharmaceutical grade UK produced and manufactured.

Why is there a skull and crossbones on my bottle of e-liquid?

Nicotine in its rawest form is classed a poison, but in our e-liquid is it so diluted it poses no real risk.

What strength e-liquid should I use?

This is a difficult one to answer as each vaper is different. A general rule of thumb is if you are a new starter smoking 20 a day you should start around the 18mg/ml (1.8%). If you start into sub-ohm vaping or variable voltage or wattage you might want to start lowering your nicotine strength. The best bet is to try a variety and see which suits you best.

What flavour e-liquid should I use?

Once again, this is personal preference. Some people will always stick to tobacco flavours so they have the complete sensation of smoking, others move away from tobacco flavours straight away. They go for some of the more exotic fruit or drink flavours. Look for our e-liquid multi-packs to trial a variety of flavours whilst getting great savings.

Are your e-liquids tested?

Yes, all our e-liquids are fully tested and backed by our guarantee of e-liquid excellence.

How long will my e-liquid last?

This depends on how much you vape and what settings you are using. Generally a 10ml bottle of e-liquid will last a standard vaper 3 - 5 days.

What’s the difference between each range of e-liquid?

Each range of e-liquid has it own unique set of strengths, flavours and diluent ratios. Great for vapers who like to change their e-liquid often. See all our e-liquid section to pick your new favourite.

What’s the difference between mg and %?

These are essentially different ways to express the same thing. See our e-liquid help page for more information.

What are the PG:VG ratios of each range?

Red label – 50:50

Odyssey – 35:65

Diavlo – 25:75

Titan – 70:30

Patriot – 70:30

Original – 80:20

Is there an e-liquid subscription service available?

Yes. If you become a member of Club Wicked you can have your favourite e-liquids delivered to your door each month without the hassle of reordering. You can find out more information on our Club Wicked page or via our e-liquid subscription FAQ's.


Why won’t my battery charge?

Check your charger isn't damaged. Ensure you are using a designated e-cig plug adaptor or correct USB cable. Check to see if there is any external damage to the battery and make sure the charging points are clean and free of e-liquid. If all of these things are in order contact our customer service team on: 01254 692244 who will be happy to help.

My tank is leaking, why?

This is normally caused by drawing on the tank too hard. By doing this you will draw too much e-liquid into the atomizer that cannot be vaporised quickly enough, so it will just leave from the tank. Take a slow steady draw between 3 and 5 seconds long to prevent this. Leaking tanks can also be a symptom of the atomizer reaching the end of its natural life, ensure this is replaced and primed then try again.

Why am I not getting any vapour?

Check that your settings are optimum for the atomizer head installed, ensure your atomizer head hasn’t reached the end of its natural life, if it has replace it. Make sure your battery is fully charged and take a slow steady draw. Still not getting any vapour? Call our customer service team on: 01254 692244 who will be happy to help.

I have a burning taste, what should I do?

This is either because you have the settings on your e-cig too high for the atomizer head installed, or your atomizer head needs replacing. Change your atomizer head for a new one, turn your settings down and after priming the atomizer properly try again.

My atomizer is gurgling, why?

This is your atomizer flooding. Don't draw too hard, change your atomizer if it has been in for a considerable length of time and don't overfill your tank.

I am getting e-liquid in my mouth, what can I do?

A lot of the time this is not actually e-liquid but condensation. This can build up inside the mouthpiece, just give inside a wipe with a piece of paper towel. If your atomizer is spitting and you are actually getting e-liquid up through the mouthpiece, try turning your settings down to power less heat through the atomizer head.

My atomizer is getting really hot, is this normal?

Your atomizer is receiving power from a battery, it is working hard to vaporise your e-liquid. It will get warm and what some would class as hot, especially if you are vaping it continuously. If you notice the atomizer getting warm just put it to one side to cool for a moment before vaping again.

My charger has stopped working, do I need to replace it?

Ensure the contacts on your charger are clean, make sure there is no e-liquid on any parts of the charger. Still having problems? Our chargers all come with a 12 month warranty against manufacturers faults. Contact our customer service team on: 01254 692244.

My battery is getting hot, why?

Your battery will get warm when charging and with constant use. It should never be too hot to touch. If this happens place it to one side to cool down and call our customer service team on: 01254 692244 for advice.

I am confused by the settings on my e-cig, which are best to use?

This depends on what you prefer and also what atomizer head is installed. Ensure you have read your user manual for the device and if you are still struggling find us on social media.


Adjustable Airflow

Either a screw or dial that adjusts the airflow into a tank as the user inhales affecting both the amount of vapour and flavour.

AG - Aqueous Glycerine

AG is pharmaceutical grade VG (Vegetable Glycerine) which has been thinned using deionized water to make it a similar viscosity to PG (Propylene Glycol) and is used as a diluent when mixing your own liquid. AG produces more vapour than PG and adds a little sweetness to the mix.


A term vapers give to tradition tobacco cigarettes.


A generic term given to the part of the e-cig that heats the e-liquid and turns it into a vapour.

Atomizer Head

Unit that houses the heating coils and wicking material. Consumable that requires replacement between 1 and 6 weeks depending on the device.


American Wire Gauge is a standardised wire gauge used in North America, whereas in Europe the diameter of the wire is expressed in millimetres. Resistance wire is used to make heating coils.


A battery supplies power to the atomizer head and can be an integrated battery unit, where the battery is built in or a removable battery that can be removed from the e-cigarette to recharge or replace it.

BDC - Bottom Dual Coil

This atomizer head has two coils mounted in the base of a tank. The position means that the heating coils are permanently immersed in e-liquid, which prevents overheating the coils. The dual coil refers to two coils in parallel spreading the load delivering high performance and durability.


Occurs if the coil gets too hot without enough e-liquid. In certain circumstances it can burn the wicking material delivering an acrid taste that is unpalatable. Once a coil is burnt it is unlikely to recover normal performance and usually needs replacing.


The mouthpiece part that contains fibre that holds the e-liquid, usually found in cig-a-like devices.


Used in the original Odyssey tank, contains absorbent wadding surrounding a central, vertically mounted heating coil, which is soaked with e-liquid.


This is a coil of wire that acts as a heating element and is located in the Atomizer Head.

Contact Pin

Is usually the positive feed from the battery, it can be fixed or sprung and makes contact with the positive pin of the atomizer head.

DDA – Direct Drip Atomizer

Is an atomizer that has no e-liquid tank and requires regular topping up with e-liquid through a Drip Tip.


Diluents are liquids that are used to dilute your e-liquid mixes. The main diluents are PG and VG and mixed in different ratios can alter the vaping characteristics of the e-liquid.

Drip Tip

Is a mouthpiece with a wide bore through which you can drop e-liquid to refresh the coil of a Direct Drip Atomizer.

Dry Hit

Occurs if the wicking material is dry or has dried out due to lack of e-liquid.

E-cig / E-cigarette

Words often used to abbreviate electronic cigarette.


The term used to describe the fluid used within electronic cigarettes. It can come with or without nicotine, in many strengths and flavours and either pre-mixed or mix your own.


Li-ion Cobalt Round cell, refers to the chemical make-up of a battery. ICR’s can have high capacity rating (mAh) but deliver a lower current than an IMR. ICR batteries are recommended for atomizer heads with a resistance of 1.0Ω or above.


Li-ion Manganese Round cell, refers to the chemical make-up of a battery. IMR’s generally have a lower capacity rating (mAh) but deliver a higher current than an ICR. IMR batteries are recommended for atomizer heads with a resistance below 1.0Ω.

Japanese Cotton

Japanese cotton is a natural wicking material that uses no chemicals or bleaches in its production and has good e-liquid retention properties but can burn at high temperatures.


Kanthal (FeCrAl) is a wire alloy containing iron, chrome and aluminium. It is used to make heating coils.


Milliamp is a unit used to measure current and is equal to one thousandth of an Amp. 1000mA = 1A. This applies to the battery charging current, the higher the milliamps the faster a battery will charge. The charging rate should never be greater than the mAh rating of the battery.


A unit for measuring electric power over time. mAh is commonly used to describe the total amount of energy a battery can store at one time.

Micro USB

Most modern electronic cigarettes have a Micro USB port for charging the battery.


Mixing can refer to blending one or more flavoured e-liquids with each other. Advanced mixing can involve mixing a solution of diluent with concentrated flavouring and a solution that may or may not contain nicotine.

Mechanical Mod

A “Mod” originally meant “Modified” and referred to hand made components/devices that used converted household items such as flashlights or lozenge tins. Mechanical mods have no electronic switches, regulators or chips and rely on mechanical connections to operate.


A millilitre (that is milli and litre put together) is a very small amount of liquid. There are approx. 20 drops to one ml. With e-cigarettes it is used to indicate the capacity of the tank and selling volume of e-liquid.

Ni (Nickel)

Nickel wire is a low resistance wire used to make heating coils and can be used with VT (Variable Temperature) devices. Pure nickel is used because there is a linear relationship between resistance and temperature. As the coil heats, the resistance changes and the algorithm built into the processing chip of the electronic cigarette can determine the temperature from the resistance it is measuring.


Nichrome is a popular resistance wire used to make heating coils, it is a nickel/chrome alloy.

Ohm (Ω)

The ohm is the SI unit of electrical resistance and is named for Georg Simon Ohm, the German physicist who created Ohms Law. On atomizer heads it indicates the resistance measure of the heating coil as a numerical value. E.g. 1.8ohm.


PG (Propylene Glycol) is pharmaceutical grade and is used as a diluent when mixing your own liquid. PG produces less vapour than VG and adds clarity to flavours.


A decorative collar of metal that is used on the outer thread of an e-cigarette battery to streamline the aesthetic appearance of the unit and add stability to a flat-based tank.


Person Vaporiser, another name for an electronic cigarette.

RCS - Replacement Coil System

Refers to the atomizer head being replaced when the coil reaches the end of its natural life. Technology used in the Odyssey RCS tank and atomizer kit.

Silica Rope Wick

Silica rope can stand very high temperatures that can be used instead of Japanese Cotton. The wicking properties of silica are not as efficient at Japanese Cotton.


Refers to heating coils with an electrical resistance of less than 1.0Ω.


Top of an e-cigarette which connects to the battery, houses the atomizer head and e-liquid and has either a removable or fitted mouthpiece on top.


Throat Hit or Throat Kick is the sensation of nicotine at the back of the throat.


Titanium wire is a low resistance wire used to make heating coils and can be used with VT (Variable Temperature) devices. Pure titanium is used because there is a linear relationship between resistance and temperature. As the coil heats, the resistance changes and the algorithm built into the processing chip of the electronic cigarette can determine the temperature from the resistance it is measuring.


Inhale and exhale the vapour produced by an electronic cigarette or similar device.


Totally Wickeds’ Vegetable Glycerine is pharmaceutical grade VG (Vegetable Glycerine). It is used as a diluent when mixing your own liquid. VG produces more vapour than PG and adds a little sweetness to the mix.

VV / VW / VT / Variable Voltage / Variable Wattage / Variable Temperature

These common terms refer to output measurements that vaping devices refer to, Variable Voltage (VV), Variable Wattage (VW) and Variable Temperature (VT). Variable Voltage refers to electromotive force being pushed through the atomizer whereas Variable Wattage refers to the power produced by that force. Put simply a Variable Wattage device detects the atomizer coil resistance and selects the correct voltage to deliver the desired output whereas a Variable Voltage device delivers the selected output irrespective of the resistance. Variable Temperature controlled devices enable you to pre-set a maximum temperature in celcius or farenheight that the atomizer coil will be able to reach.

Wicking material

Normally made of Silica rope, which is fire retardant whilst being efficient in wicking the e-liquid to the atomizer coil, or cotton which provides full flavour and vapour production.


This refers to the screw thread cut and is the most common thread pattern used on e-cigarettes which aids cross compatibility of components. It is also used to refer to the compatibility of mouthpieces and the connection at the top of the tank.

510 Mouthpiece

Available in a variety of colours and styles. Tanks with a 510 fitting mouthpiece have the ability to swap with another 510 mouthpiece allowing for personalisation and customisation.