Customer reviews are an important part of our business.

E-liquid online reviews aren’t just a way for vapers to get honest opinions, we use them as a tool. We listen to our customers and take feedback on board, allowing us to dispel e-liquid misconceptions and making positive changes when we can.

Saying this, no one likes it when a customer is unhappy with a product that they are proud of. This is especially true when it comes to our e-liquid.

I will be completely honest, we do sometimes get negative reviews of e-liquid, and recently our Mr Wicked’s Twisted Ice Cream came under fire.

Now we can take these comments on the chin, as we know there is nothing wrong with our e-liquid. In fact, Twisted Ice Cream is loved by many vapers. But what it did highlight is that there can be a gap in knowledge when it comes to not only choosing the right e-liquid, but knowing if there is an actual problem, or if it’s just something you may never have known.

So, let’s take a look at some common e-liquid misconceptions and hopefully clear them up.

Changing Colour

We will start here because this is the reason that this particular flavour of e-liquid received its negative feedback. The customer was unhappy because the bottle of e-liquid they received was a much darker colour than it started out as.

When e-liquids are first produced they will generally be colourless, or very pale. Over some weeks the e-liquid will often darken, and depending on the flavour, can be a noticeably darker colour than it started out as.

There is nothing wrong with the e-liquid, as the colour change does not alter the taste, nicotine hit or the way it behaves in the e-cig. It is not “going off”, don’t panic! It is simply the result of a tiny proportion of the nicotine content oxidizing.

PG:VG Ratios

Two of the four ingredients in e-liquid are diluents, one is propylene glycol (PG) and the other is vegetable glycerine (VG).

PG is responsible for much of an e-liquid’s “throat hit”, and carries sharper fruity flavours well. VG is responsible for a slight sweetness, amount of vapour, and viscosity of fluid.  VG carries sweet and creamy flavours well but mutes sharper flavours.

E-liquids with a higher PG content tend to have more throat hit, while those with higher VG content have less throat hit and more vapour production.

Now no matter the PG:VG ratio, all e-liquids can be used in any e-cig, but some devices are better suited to higher or lower PG:VG proportions. For example, a pod e-cig with a high resistance atomizer head will generally not perform well when used with an e-liquid that is 80% VG (PG:VG – 20:80), because it will just be too thick and the atomizer head will struggle to wick and vaporize the liquid.

So, take note of the PG:VG ratios of the e-liquids. If you are undecided, start out with something that is a 50:50 ratio, such as Totally Wicked Red Label. This is a great starting point from where you can consider looking at different options.

E-liquid Shelf Life

We occasionally get customers who contact us and say we have sent them e-liquid that is out of date.

Now while nothing is impossible, the chances of this happening are extremely slim. So slim in fact that in every report we have had the e-liquid hasn’t been out of date.

On our e-liquid packaging you will find a date. That is the date of manufacture, not a ‘sell by date’.

We have to put a date of manufacture due to regulations and we usually advise that e-liquid has a shelf life of two years after the date.

Some people see the date of manufacture and assume this is a sell by date.

So, keep in mind, the date on the bottle is the exact date the e-liquid was made.

There’s no Accounting For Taste

I can say with complete confidence that I have tried all of our e-liquids, and not one has tasted ‘bad’.

I can also say with complete honesty that this doesn’t mean I like them all, I certainly don’t. But that is a good thing, because the one thing about e-liquid (as with food), is that taste is extremely subjective.

It’s a good thing I don’t like them all, because I am fussy and particular, so if I did love all the flavours, the chances are you wouldn’t.

Our e-liquids are generally praised for tasting exactly like their name (yes Diavlo is a bit fancier). So, blackcurrant tastes like blackcurrant, tobacco like tobacco, and so on.

Just because someone leaves a negative review, keep in mind that the chances are they have just picked a flavour that they don’t like. It doesn’t mean you won’t love it, but it is perhaps a shame that the “scratch and sniff” online store has not been invented yet.