If you hadn’t noticed, the world cup is in full swing. Jonny sitting next to me, tells me that the cup is coming home, I don’t share his enthusiasm.

But all the talk of sports got me thinking. As a vaper of nearly 6 years, I subconsciously plan my time around vaping. Let me explain.

If I am going on a day out with family, or for an evening with friends I always think, can I vape? Now, if I was still a smoker its very cut and dry, most places you can’t or have a designated space. But as a vaper it is still a grey area.

I try and stick to the ethos that I won’t vape where I wouldn’t have smoked before. But let’s be honest, some of the ‘regulations’ around vaping are pretty extreme, including in football grounds.

Can You Vape in a Football Stadium?

There is a blanket ban inside Premier League stadiums in the UK. Most deem it a serious breach of their terms and conditions and state that you can be ejected from the ground and even lose your season ticket.

Large Open Roof Football Stadium


You cannot leave the ground to vape then return, so you will need to go the full match time without your e-cig.

Their reasoning is that there is a ban on smoking and it is difficult to differentiate the difference between a cigarette and an e-cig in crowds of people.

This to me, makes sense and while frustrating, is at least logical.

If you are one of the few lucky enough to be travelling to watch a match in Russia the regulations may be different.

Russia is not a member of the EU and therefore are not bound by the TPD regulations. Their laws around e-cigs are much laxer and their vaping industry is thriving. In fact, when researching I can only find one strict regulation and that is that vaping is banned near schools.

Their stadium code of conduct states that smoking is banned, except in the dedicated outdoor smoking areas, but there is no mention of vaping. So, my advice, check with the stewards who should be happy to advise.

Can You Vape in a Pub Watching the World Cup?

It is technically not illegal to vape in pubs.

E-cigarettes are not included in the Health Act 2006, which means they aren’t covered under the smoking ban that was implemented in 2007.

But, the individual Pubco or Publican can choose whether to allow vaping on their premises.

Old Fashioned Bar


Most large chains have banned vaping in their pubs, such as JD Wetherspoons. Back at the beginning of the e-cig boom they imposed a ban on e-cigarettes, stating that staff has to keep checking whether a customer was vaping or smoking.

Fuller’s also stopped people vaping in their pubs, stating that the decision was ‘not taken lightly’. They felt that non-smoking customers wouldn’t be able to distinguish between vaping and smoking and it could be disconcerting, that a blanket ban was fair to both smokers and vapers.

Some pubs do allow vaping inside, so it is worth asking.

Also keep in mind, just because something is not technically illegal, it is always polite to not only ask, but to consider those around you when vaping. Not everyone will want a large cloud of vapour blocking their view of the match.

Vaping and the World Cup

World Cup Trophy


While I can see the logic behind the steps companies and organisations put in place regarding vaping, as a former smoker and a vaper I can find them frustrating.

I am lucky, as my local allows vaping, but
others aren’t gifted that luxury.

If you are thinking of going out and about to catch a game this World Cup, ask before you vape. Or you could stay at home with a few beers and your PJs?

How will you be watching the World Cup as a vaper? What do you think of the current regulations of vaping in public places? Let us know.