Last week, we asked you to kindly share your vaping success stories with us. The response was great with dozens of inspiring messages from customers. Health benefits, financial benefits and impact on family and friends were popular topics.

These personal stories gave us here at Totally Wicked a great sense of pride that we were helping smokers change their lives. We wanted to share this inspiration with you and we hope the message can reach smokers who can relate to these experiences.

One of the stories sent in was by Michelle Arber. Thank you for sending in your story Michelle and congratulations on making the switch to vaping.

Michelle’s story

Michelle Arber

I’m 45 and have been vaping since January 1st 2019, prior to that I’d been smoking cigarettes 20 a day for approximately 30 years.  The effects of switching to vaping were almost immediately noticeable, my chest had previously felt tight and I had a typical smokers cough finding hard to breathe at times.

Since vaping my breathing is remarkably improved, I can run further and faster on a treadmill without my lungs objecting.  My skin has improved and I’m sure a few fine lines have disappeared.

The huge financial saving is astonishing, I’ve saved over £550 so far in just 2 months.

I’d heard about vaping years ago and had attempted to make the switch a few times unsuccessfully, it wasn’t until I got the support of Shane Whittaker from the Dover branch of Totally Wicked that my attempt to switch for good was successful.

I’d encourage anybody who has tried to make the switch before and thinks it’s not worth trying again to give the friendly and helpful team at Totally Wicked a try as it’s worked so well for me.

If you would like us to tell your vaping story, please contact us via Facebook or Twitter , or email