Themed cafes are becoming more and more popular. From cinema cafes to cat cafes, there is a space for everyone. And now there’s a place dedicated to people who vape, too! Vaping cafes are becoming more popular across the UK, with lots of retailers opening cafe spaces within their stores. This allows users to try before they buy, communicate with other people who love vaping and attend vaping events. But what about people who just want to attend a regular cafe or pub without having to go outside to vape? We look at how to find a vape friendly establishment so you can enjoy your food and drink while vaping happily.

The law

Technically, vaping in public places is not illegal. There is no blanket ban on using e-cigarettes in restaurants or pubs, and plenty of independent companies will have no problem with you vaping. However, there are some large chains that have banned the use of e-cigs on their premises. Some of the current companies with bans are KFC, Pret a Manger, Wagamama JD Wetherspoon, All Bar One, Nicholson’s, Fuller’s, Mitchells & Butler, Greene King, Brewer’s Fayre, Starbucks, Caffe Nero.

Man vaping at cafe

How to spot a vape safe venue

There is no magic tell-tale sign to let you know – you just need to ask! You may have no trouble vaping in your local pub, providing you ask the landlord first. Also, if your e-cigarette looks like a regular cigarette, you may get some suspicious stares. It’s a good idea to ask the people around you whether they mind you vaping. If they have children or don’t vape themselves, they may not be comfortable with it. Although the risks of passive smoking don’t apply to e-cigarettes, many people who don’t vape are still wary of the vapour produced.

Enterprise Inns

This company controls around 5,000 pubs within the UK. They have become a stockist of products from Nicolites, which means that they are not anti-vaping. However, as with any other pub, it is highly advisable to ask permission before you start vaping. Most of these pubs are franchises, so attitudes towards vaping may vary from one pub to the next. You can find your nearest Enterprise Inns pub here.

Vaping cafes

There are some dedicated vaping cafes, but most of these tend to be retailers with a small café or ‘vape bar’ installed. Probably the most notable vaping cafes are Prohibition Vapes, with three venues in Maidstone, Tunbridge Wells and Canterbury. Their stores have a vintage aesthetic and provide users with space to vape while enjoying a coffee. They also host quiz nights and regular events. Prohibition Vapes say, ‘We like to be more than just a vape shop, we want to be a vaping community, we want to share the love and the knowledge and make vaping as enjoyable as possible for everyone.’

Another venue that specialises in food with a side of vaping is Shake ‘n’ Vape. This Warrington venue is styled like an American diner. They specialise in milkshakes and burgers, but you are allowed to vape on the premises. They also sell some vaping equipment and e-liquids so you can choose a new flavour while you’re there, too.

The future of vaping cafes

As vaping cafes become more popular, they may also become more common. The future of vaping regulation is, for now, unclear. However, in the mean time, you can relax and enjoy your vape in whichever cafe you find that accepts it. Happy hunting!

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