The wonderful world of vaping sometimes throws up a device so unusual you will question your grasp on reality.

With the release of the TW Penguin imminent, an e-cig modelled after an emperor penguin, let’s take a look at the top 5 craziest vape mods ever made.

The NES Controller

Craziest Vape Mods - Nintendo E-cig

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If like me, you are old enough to remember playing Super Mario Bros on your posh friends NES, then this will be a trip down memory lane. Someone has ripped the guts out of a NES controller and added the innards of a mechanical mod.

Cool, yes. Practical… Hell yes.

The Wolf

Fancy drawing your vapour hungrily out of the mouth of a bronze wolf, akin to a wolf pup feeding? Then maybe this fancy variable wattage mod is for you!

Craziest Vape Mods - The Wolf E-cig

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The Vape hoodie

What’s not to love about vaping yet being comfy at the same time? Maybe go for the dark grey so any e-liquid spills will not look like lunch stains!

Craziest Vape Mods - Vape Hoodie

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The Skull

A skull yes, but not just any skull. This is a T-800 skull that doubles up as a mod. Those who love movie memorabilia that has a practical use, this one’s for you. Not particularly pocket friendly, but boy will you look the business at the bus stop with this bad boy.

Craziest Vape Mods - Skull e-cig

The Phone case

How about an e-cig that sits discreetly inside a phone case. With a large battery, variable voltage and generous e-liquid capacity. I cannot foresee a single problem with carrying e-liquid around directly attached to your expensive smart phone… No problem at all!

Craziest Vape Mods - E-cig phone case

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That is our look at the craziest vape mods that have even been made. Seen something even wackier? Show us in the comments.

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