Totally Wicked is celebrating 10 years at the forefront of the vaping industry with a month-long celebration this October, having opened its doors on October 8th, 2008.

Over the past decade Totally Wicked has paved the way for people to make the switch from smoking to vaping, enabling hundreds of thousands of smokers to choose a safer alternative.

Throughout October, we are taking a take a trip down memory lane with the release of an internally produced documentary showcasing the growth of Totally Wicked since 2008.

We invite you to join in with our celebrations and reminisce over the highlights from the last 10 years. Whether you’re new to Totally Wicked or a veteran vaper, this October you will receive a real insight into Totally Wicked’s history.

Huge Cash Giveaway

Totally Wicked's 10 year anniversary giveaway


We will also spend the entirety of October giving back to our customers with a huge cash giveaway to say thanks for the past decade.

Spend over £25 in the month of October to receive an entry into a draw for one of three prizes. First prize – £10,000. Second prize – £5,000. Third prize – £2,500. Every £25 spent online or in participating stores qualifies for one entry. You will not receive a physical ticket, but your data will be collated and your name will be entered automatically.

There are no limits to entry. 1 entry will be allocated per customer for every £25 they spend during October. Entries are calculated from the total spend across October for each customer. For example: A customer who spends a total of £85 across multiple orders in October 2018 will receive 3 unique entries into the draw. The number of entries is solely dependent on the cumulative spend across October and is independent on the number of transactions and individual transaction values.

View our full terms and conditions for more information and to view the full list of participating stores.

The Past Decade

In the 10 years since Totally Wicked was born as a business, vaping has represented a consumer led public health revolution.  Even the most conservative figures estimate that over 1.5 million people in the UK have given up smoking using e-cigarettes in that time, and a similar number have been able to cut down considerably.

Managing Director, Fraser Cropper said:

“Our 10 years’ anniversary on 8 October 2018, marks the day we first opened our Totally Wicked website and sold our first branded e-cigarette and e-liquid. It was a true pioneering moment; with the term vaping still at least 3 years away from making its appearance, e-cigarette manufacturers and retailers had a tremendously difficult task of creating awareness and trust in our products.  Even in our earliest infancy, we were privileged to be able to rely on the support of some tremendously loyal customers, who understood first-hand the potential of vaping.

For any consumer product that has such a life-changing potential as vaping, in the context of the disruptive force it has brought to the old tobacco monopoly, the success that has been seen in the UK is not a fluke. I believe that good business, that places its customer responsibility at the centre of its philosophy, has been essential in building trust and credibility, not only in vaping as a product, but also the confidence that our industry is able and willing to shoulder its responsibilities. That said, it is irrelevant if there are no customers who are willing to be their own pioneers. Our 10-year anniversary is ultimately an applause to every vaper in the UK who has often had to show the courage and character to stand apart from those less informed and allow for the amazing potential of vaping to take root in the UK.” 

Vaping is now recognised by Public Health England, the National Centre for Smoking Cessation and Training, Cancer Research UK, ASH, the Royal College of Physicians, and numerous other public health bodies not only as being 95% safer than smoking, but as being the number one stop smoking tool used in the UK.

Totally Wicked is a founding member of the Independent British Vape Trade Association (IBVTA) and is immensely proud of the fact that the vaping revolution started, and remains centred in its home town of Blackburn where it recently became an official club partner of Blackburn Rovers FC.