In 2008 vaping was a strictly online business. It was a long way from being mainstream and seeing people using e-cigs out and about was not a thing.

That changed in 2011 when we opened our first high street vaping shop.

Wallgate in Wigan seems like an unlikely location for such an accolade, but it was quickly apparent that this was the way to help people access vaping products.

Totally Wicked Wigan, Wallgate

News spread quickly and it soon became the go-to location for vapers.

Some of you may be lucky enough to remember the old Wigan store. Positioned between the two train stations, it achieved what we hoped for… it got people talking.

With what can only be described as dioramas in the window, it showcased the original Totally Wicked characters; Mr Wicked, Miss Wicked, Professor E-nic, the whole gang.

Totally Wicked Wigan, Wallgate window

Now while some people were completely unsure as to what the shop sold, it worked. It gave smokers somewhere to go, to discover vaping, to ask questions and to make the switch from smoking to vaping.

Times have certainly changed since those humble beginnings. From that one vaping store came a network of places for vapers to call home.

Across the UK there are now:

30 Totally Wicked company operated stores.

Over 120 dedicated independent stockists of our products.

Over 500 outlets in total, who sell our products with this number growing.

Totally Wicked Holloway Road

Our aim? To ensure that no matter where you are, there is a place for you to source your Totally Wicked products. There is never a worry about running out of e-liquid or your atomizer stopping working and there is always a friendly face for you to talk to about vaping.