Guys, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. That light…is the sun and although it may seem alien after months of overwhelming grey it is time to start spring cleaning.

I’m not just talking about mopping the skirting boards, I’m talking about a full vape clean.

Let’s have a look at some tips on giving your e-cig and vape collection a spring clean.

Throw Away That Old E-liquid

We have all done it, taken a chance on an e-liquid that our palate just didn’t agree with. You know what, that’s ok. E-liquid is like food, what some vapers love others will hate. But I know you kept that bottle of liquorice tobacco hidden away for ‘emergencies’.

Go right now and check the expiry date, yes e-liquids have a shelf life and should be safely disposed of after this date. Fret not dear vaper, this emergency e-liquid is not a total loss, now you have room to sample the delectable Mr Wicked’s e-liquid…what are you waiting for?

Clean Your E-cig

Ever had vape shame? Undoing your tank while someone else is there, only to be confronted with gunk that you know you should have sorted a week ago. We’ve all been there.

E-cigs are something that we use every day, they also store a liquid, so they are bound to need cleaning. Put the sponge down, no water is required here. All you need is some clean, dry tissue.

You want to ensure that your contacts are clear of debris, that’s the connection of the bottom of the tank and the top of your battery. Just use your tissue to wipe these gently. Debris is these connections can stop your e-cig working properly and could eventually ruin the threads.

Make sure no e-liquid is on your battery or around the base of the tank.

If you want to do a really deep clean you can disassemble your tank and run some warm water through it, allowing it to dry naturally. (Don’t get any water on your atomizer head, keep this well away from the tap).

Taken one look at your e-cig and decided that actually you want something shiny and new? We have your back, check out our e-cig kits section for the latest and greatest vaping devices.

The Mouthpiece

Care for your mouthpiece, remember you are putting this in your mouth…no further explanation needed.

Change Your Atomizer

E-liquid not tasting quite right? Slight burnt taste from time to time? Not as much vapour as usual?

Then it’s time to change your atomizer head. We have an atomizer head for every tank we sell, we also have discounts so the more you buy the more you save, no-brainer really.

Get Organised

You’ve done all your cleaning, now it’s time to get organised.

Storing your e-cig and e-liquid is an important part of everyday vape life that some forget. It’s really easy to keep these secure.

Don’t store them in direct sunlight, store them upright and keep your e-cig out of contact with metal objects. Easy Peasy.

These are our top tips for having a vape spring clean.

Let us know your go to methods for e-cig maintenance below.