Love Island has been heavily criticised since its launch in June pulling in over 46 complaints to OFCOM already. An astonishing 24 of those complaints have been related to the residents’ smoking habits.

Love Island Contestant Gaby Smoking

Image courtesy of The Sun

Most of the contestants are seen heavily smoking on a nightly basis and recent villa-reject Craig recently spilled the beans about what happens behind the scenes. He said:

“The show normally provides 20 fags a day per person – so five people equates to 100 cigarettes.

Fags are given on mass supply. But if you get through your daily allowance then you won’t be given anymore – no one should be smoking more than 20 fags a day; that’s a lot of fags”

Love Island Chris Smoking

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The British Lung Foundation has slammed the program for ‘irresponsible broadcasting’ and warned that the stars of the show are ‘killing themselves’.

With applications to appear on the show now closed experts are calling for e-cigarettes to be the island’s newest recruits as Chief Executive of the British Lung Foundation, Dr Penny Woods said:

“‘Whether they like it or not – these people are role models. They’re body beautiful; shown as regularly smoking. It is irresponsible broadcasting. Smoking can have a devastating impact on people’s health, young and old.

“The programme makers should be setting an example by helping people to quit. Instead they are enticing young people into a killer habit.

“100,000 people die from smoking-related diseases every year, almost two-thirds of these from lung disease.

“Most people start smoking when they’re young. They’re highly impressionable and don’t always think about long term consequences. This is precisely the Love Island target audience.

“E-cigarettes are 95 per cent less harmful than smoking tobacco. Their vapour doesn’t contain lung-clogging tar… and they can help you quit.”

Love Island Jonny Smoking

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Totally Wicked MD Fraser Cropper is urging ITV bosses to see sense:

“We’re aware of some of the negative headlines around smoking that the programme has attracted.

I wondered if you would also consider joining forces with us and the BLF in order to help contestants ditch the habit.

And, also to drive home a positive message to viewers.”

Love Island Marcell Smoking

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With young adults all over the country looking up to these islanders, the broadcasting of excessive smoking normalises the habit. Could the introduction of e-cigarettes help to send the right message to viewers regarding public health?

We’re sure the stars of the show would manage to find an e-cig that is ‘100% their type on paper’.