Vaper’s Tongue or ‘flavour fatigue’ can be quite an annoyance when you want a strong flavour hit from your favourite e-liquid.  Not to worry, we’re here to help.

Follow these handy tips to keep your palate fresh and vape all day long, enjoying the glorious array of e-liquid flavours on offer.

Vaper' Tongue infographic

The Best way to combat vaper’s tongue – transcript

We’ve all been there. One second you are vaping away on your favourite fruity e-liquid, then the next second you can’t taste a thing!

You are a victim of vaper’s tongue, but don’t panic. Best described as ‘flavour fatigue’, vaper’s tongue is temporary and can be fixed.

See our handy hints below on how to combat the dreaded vaper’s tongue


A glass of water can do wonders. Helping to cleanse the palate and clear away any nasty tastes that may be hiding inside your mouth.

Take a whiff

Sniffing freshly brewed coffee grounds is  trick used by wine tasters and is meant to help ‘reset’ your sense of taste.

Change your flavour

Vaping the same flavour for a while means you can grow used to it. Try changing it completely and giving yourself a break. Alternatively trying menthol for a week can help shock your taste buds out of their funk.

Stop smoking

If you are smoking as well as vaping this can be a problem. It is well known that smoking can harm your sense of taste and smell.


After brushing your teeth, try a strong mouthwash. Caution is advised as some vapers say it causes vaper’s tongue, some say it’s a cure.