Last year, Totally Wicked hired a Smoking Cessation lead, Chris Green. Chris works with local stop smoking services and health bodies with the aim of educating more smokers on the relative safety of e-cigarettes compared with cigarettes.

Chris featured in issue 15 of Vaped magazine and it sparked a reply from a vaper with a particularly hard-hitting vaping success story. Mark Trowbridge is a 51-year old vaper from Stockton and this is his story.

Mark’s story

Mark Trowbridge

My name is Mark Trowbridge, I’m an incredibly young 51-year old ex-smoker thanks to TW. In September of 2017 I had a heart-attack and was blue-lighted to James Cook Hospital in Middlesbrough. I had no idea I was having a heart-attack until informed by medical staff. The pain was horrendous, and a life-saving operation was carried out as soon as the on-call emergency team could drive back into work. 

I had been a smoker for 30 years, have no evidence that smoking caused the heart-attack but hey, it probably did. When in post-Op, the surgeon made a deal with me, he said if I agreed not to smoke in the hospital grounds, I could vape in my recovery ward, in bed in fact, as much as I wanted, and no member of staff would say or do anything to stop me. We shook on it. In my pocket I had some TW kit that I`d been toying with but had not given a serious try. 

I’m now on month 16 smoke-free, I still use TW liquid, I’m a monthly subscriber in fact, and have reduced nic down to 0.6 I feel great and have made an excellent recovery. Thanks to TW and a very open-minded heart surgeon!

Inspiring other smokers

We would like to thank Mr Trowbridge for sharing this with us and we hope it inspires any smokers reading to make the switch and change their life. Chris Green was delighted to hear this success story, he said:

“I started working in Health Improvement 12 years ago as a health Trainer. The role was to support individuals who wanted to adopt a healthier lifestyle. I quickly realised how rewarding the role was in helping to motivate individuals to take up exercise, eat a healthier diet or give up smoking.

Helping smokers to quit gave me the greatest pleasure and I soon started to specialise in this area. Over the years I have worked with many smokers, some who have found it almost impossible to quit but not for the want of trying. Helping them on this journey I got to see in a matter of weeks their health, wealth and confidence return. That is the greatest reward of all.

I am now thrilled to be working with Totally Wicked which allows me to help change the lives of many more and help shape the way to make smoking history.”

Do you have a vaping success story? We would love to hear from you.

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