The Popularity of Subscription Services

Ever had vape rage? The red mist that descends as you scratch around on the car floor looking for a rogue bottle of e-liquid. As a vaper there is nothing worse than misjudging how long your e-liquid will last, running dry at the most inopportune moment. Well, thanks to the rise of UK e-liquid subscription fewer vapers are encountering this problem.

Subscription services have been popular for years, mostly reserved for newspapers and magazines. This is no longer the case; buying habits have changed, thus retailers have adapted. Providing a hassle-free shopping experience for customers across countless product sets. Cosmetics, fresh vegetables, stationary, candles… You name it, there’s probably a subscription service for it (Harry Potter merch monthly is one of my favourites).

According to Forbes, “In the month of April 2017, subscription company websites had about 37 million visitors. Since 2014, that number has grown by over 800%” but what is all the fuss about?

With the consumer market adopting much savvier shopping techniques, it may come as a surprise that subscribers’ purchasing decisions are not necessarily driven by price. Convenience, loyalty, personalisation and added value benefits are all key contributors to creating a successful subscription service.

A prime example of this – excuse the pun – is Amazon. Pay a monthly/annual fee and receive a wide range of benefits from their Prime service. This includes free express delivery, giving customers peace of mind that they can order whatever they like, whenever they like, conveniently, quickly and without any extra delivery charges. Amazon might not be the cheapest for some items, but people are happy to look past it as the benefits they receive outweigh a few pounds difference in cost.

A UK E-liquid Subscription is Needed

E-cigarettes have been popular for around 10 years and over this past decade, the industry has grown from strength to strength. Despite some hurdles, extensive research and development, and an increasing consumer fascination has allowed e-cigarettes to evolve. Moving from the cig-a-likes seen in 2008, to expertly engineered devices and pharmaceutical grade e-liquids, available in countless flavours. This impressive innovation has undoubtedly increased the attractiveness of vaping, contributing to the popularity of e-cigarettes and correlating with a significant decline in smoking rates, particularly in the UK.

What all this innovation has brought, particularly with e-liquids is choice. With hundreds of flavours available, as well as nicotine strengths and PG:VG ratios. Even so, vapers tend to be creatures of habit. Once they have found their all day vape they will stick to it month after month.

This is where the demand for a UK e-liquid subscription comes into play. I know that each month I will use 10 bottles of 0.6% Double Menthol, that doesn’t mean that I don’t forget to stock up. Which I do, every month.

So imagine your favourite e-liquids landing through your letter box each month without the need to reorder.

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Totally Wicked’s E-liquid Subscription

Totally Wicked’s E-liquid subscription service, Club Wicked, has been designed to meet vapers needs. A service that provides convenience, adds value and rewards loyalty. While remaining personalised and at a competitive price.


With Club Wicked, vapers set up a secure monthly payment through PayPal, meaning after your initial e-liquid subscription you do not need to reorder or checkout. Saving time and eliminating hassle.

Great Value

Seeing the word value, you may be thinking this is the cheapest way of ordering e-liquid at Totally Wicked. While Club Wicked is competitively priced at £35. It is the extra benefits which add significant value to this package. On top of 10 bottles of e-liquid, and 20ml of extra e-liquid at no charge, Club Wicked members enter into an elite group. This gives you free UK delivery on all orders and a site-wide price reduction. This is particularly important for vapers, as we regularly require consumables such as atomizers.


There is no tie-in with Club Wicked, you can cancel your subscription at any time in a couple of clicks. However, if you remain a member there are rewards for loyalty. After 6 months of continuous membership, members’ status will go from Truly Wicked to Madly Wicked and after 12 months, members reach the pinnacle of Club Wicked as a Deeply Wicked member. Progressing through these tiers means members are entitled to greater rewards. We prefer to provide incentives to stay rather than making it difficult to leave.


Unlike many e-liquid subscriptions currently available, vapers select their favourite strengths and flavours of each of the 10 bottles including in their subscription, with the option to mix and match between ranges. Allowing you to tailor your selection to your needs is just one aspect of Club Wicked’s personal service. A bespoke letter and membership card welcome new subscribers and exclusive early access to products and competitions means members are reminded that Club Wicked is much more than just a monthly delivery of e-liquid!

It’s easy to see how UK e-liquid subscriptions are on the rise. Simple to set up, easy to change and with exceptional features that every vaper can take advantage of.

UK e-liquid subscription