As you may well know, the vaping industry often takes a battering from the media with the majority of this coverage  being ill-informed and inaccurate. We hope to debunk some of the most common vaping myths that have been popularised by opponents of the e-cigarette industry.

In the following infographic we cover six of the most prevalent topics, however there are many other scare stories that continue to re-occur so please don’t believe everything you read in the papers… Especially when it comes to vaping.

Vaping myths

Vape Myth Busting – Transcript

1. E-cigs explode in people’s pockets

What if i told you that almost all of these ‘exploding e-cig’ horror stories are caused by user error. Batteries cannot explode in your pocket for no reason.

It can be one of three things:

1. They are stored loose and in contact with metal objects such as keys.

2. They have a damaged casing due to poor maintenance.

3. They are pushed to the limits due to a number of factors.

2. Non-smokers use them

‘Action on Smoking and Health‘ completed a study where the results show that the number of people who have never smoked and now vape is around 0.1%.

3. They target children

Vaping is an age restricted industry, with reputable retailers sticking to this policy. Mainstream media will have you believe that vaping companies target children with colourful advertising and sweet flavours. In reality, vaping is an age restricted product, it is illegal to supply vaping products to anyone under the age of 18. Always use a reputable retailer.

4. all vapers are getting popcorn lung

Diacetyl can be used as an ingredient in certain e-liquid flavourings. It gives them a creamy taste, so is reserved for certain custard and dessert flavours. Not all e-liquids contain this and even when present, the concentration is much lower than in traditional tobacco cigarettes. Look out for published test results.

5. Vaping is as dangerous as smoking

Public Health England states that vaping is 95% safer than smoking.

6. Second hand vaping

Several studies have been completed on the effects of second hand vaping. One such last year, carried out by the Spanish Council of Scientific Research showed that normal exhaled breath contained more volatile compounds than exhaled vapour.

What other vaping myths need debunking? Let us know in the comments.