E-cigarettes, with all their various components and accessories, can create a world of confusion.

As a vaping virgin, nobody would blame you if you get a tad baffled by all the gizmos and gadgets. Don’t panic, you can easily avoid looking like a rookie. Here are some of the most common problems newbies can encounter when starting on their vaping journey and what you can do to dodge them.

Not reading the instructions

When you get a shiny new e-cigarette, the last thing you’ll want to do is read the instructions. Getting to grips with the ‘How to’s’ is about as fun as reading terms and conditions. But as much as you’d like to skip ahead and start vaping, it’s best to get properly acquainted with your new kit.

Rushing this step could lead to damage to your device or vapers frustration. Remember, the instructions are there for a reason and will help you with your first baby vape steps.

V5 User Guide

Not activating the batteries

A classic rookie error for first time vapers, is not activating your battery or device. Across the country vapers are sat cursing their new e-cig because it ‘Just won’t work,’ all because they haven’t turned it on. After the initial charge of your batteries, don’t forget to power up, this usually requires quickly pressing the on/ off button five times to kick start your battery (Check your manual for full instructions), then you’re ready to get going.


If you’ve just crossed the bridge from smoking to vaping, it’s likely you’ll have brought your inhalation technique with you and here is where some slight adjustments may be required. Vaping requires a gentle, steady draw to allow your e-cig time to start working. If you draw too hard, as you might have done with a traditional cigarette, prepare for flooded atomizers and possible leaks.

Man using E-Cigarette

It is also worth noting that some e-cigs are more effective at delivering nicotine than standard cigs, generating the same amount of nicotine with much fewer draws, so don’t overdo it. Heavy draws may also reduce the life of your atomizer head, so again be cautious and take some time to get used to vaping.

Not charging the batteries

I may be pointing out the obvious here, but you’d be surprised how many vapers forget to charge their batteries. Like any electronic device, it’s pointless with no power, so try to make a regular habit of charging your battery. If you know you’re likely to forget, consider carrying a fully charged backup with you.

Obvious tip alert, check your charger is connected properly and your battery is actually charging.

Over filling your tank

Most vapers will have overfilled their tank at some point. It can lead to a flooded atomizer meaning that your e-liquid cannot be vapourised properly, cue spitting, gurgling and possible leaks, try and remember less is more.



If you have a top filling tank you can unscrew the top cap and fill straight down the side, paying attention to any max fill lines and not forgetting to keep e-liquid out of the central tube. If you have a bottom filling tank, unscrew it from your device and tip it upside down before removing the base, tilt it slightly before filling down the sides, again avoiding the central tube. Afterwards, make sure you screw all the parts together properly to avoid any leakage.

Accidental Activation

Last but not least, don’t forget to turn your battery unit off when not in use. Sounds simple, but the last thing you want is your e-cig firing in your pocket burning your atomizers, killing your battery and wasting your precious e-liquid. Avoid this potential hazard by remembering to turn your device off.

Can you think of any other common vaping problems? Let us know in the comments!