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Here you’ll find the latest updates on vape industry news. Keep abreast of the most recent developments in health studies, be in the know about Totally Wicked's latest innovation and find out what leading health experts and public organisations have to say about e-cigarettes.

With facts, figures and expert opinions to back up our articles, you can be assured that this vape industry news is based on solid evidence; a much needed respite in what has become a sector, plagued with misleading news stories.

The fast-paced nature of the vaping industry can be hard to keep up with so we aim to relay the facts in a digestible but comprehensive manner. Keep up to date with the articles in this category and ensure your finger is kept on the vaping pulse. You will then be well armed with the perfect response when people try and falsely criticise you for using an e-cigarette.

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The latest news section of our Vaped magazine is packed full of the very best national and international news on health studies that are relevant to any vaper, whether a beginner or an aficionado. Alongside vaping health studies, we explore events pertinent to the vaping community, our own Totally Wicked company news and more.

We scour the papers and keep our ears firmly on the newswires to ensure that whatever happens in the world that impacts the vaping community, that the news is transferred honestly to your screen. With the very latest breaking news being expertly transferred into the written form for your information pleasure, you’ll become more informed than any others in the vaping community.

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