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byte Vape Pod

The Totally Wicked byte vape pod gives you the freedom to move away from tobacco cigarettes. This is a simple, fuss free way of changing your life forever. From styling and ergonomics, to vape pod technology and e-liquid formulation, the byte has been specifically designed with smokers in mind.

What is the byte?

A light and compact vape kit designed specifically to help smokers make the switch from cigarettes for good! We believe that it out-performs all other vape pods in its category, delivering outstanding flavour and nicotine-hit. All in a simple to use product, developed by the industry’s leading experts for over a decade.

• Convenient - No bottles of e-liquid or atomizer to change.
• Compact - A fantastic vaping experience in a compact yet highly engineered package.
• Simple - No buttons to press, no settings to adjust, no fuss.
• The byte is not just a pre-filled pod e-cig. This is an e-cig that works for you and with you.

ESP - The byte pod comes with our very own ESP Technology, which is E-Liquid Sealed and Protected. This technology within the byte pod keeps your e-liquid fresh until you first vape it. It seals the e-liquid away from the atomizer during transportation and storage, preventing leakage. The technology includes a locking mechanism we call the 'Ripcord', named on a research and development trip to our suppliers in China, where the Technical Director and Head of Marketing were discussing their mutual appreciation of the band Radiohead, and the band's tune 'Ripcord'. That's sometimes how naming of products goes!

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Switz smooth e-liquid


Switz Smooth e-liquid

Switz Smooth e-liquid is a high nicotine content at 1.6%, but really smooth delivery. It has been specifically formulated so new vapers won’t cough when first making the move from smoking, but has enough of a throat hit to still feel like smoking. It is a completely new vaping experience and is ideal for new vapers. Available in four flavours:

• Roll-Up Tobacco - Tastes just like a roll up.
• Tobacco - The ultimate tobacco substitute.
• Menthol - A clean, fresh menthol.
• Mixed Fruit - A subtle summer fruit salad.

Why we made the byte

"Over the last couple of years it had become clear to me that vaping has landed on solutions that work brilliantly for a lot of people, but there are still huge numbers of smokers who find refilling tanks, and priming and changing atomizer heads too inconvenient. None of the “zero maintenance” products currently on the market are, in my view, anything like good enough. So the aim was to make a device as simple to use as a traditional cigarette, complete with flavour and nicotine delivery that means no-one needs to light one up ever again. I believe the Totally Wicked byte achieves this, and I am proud of it". Liam Humberstone, Technical Director.

"A little over 18 months ago our journey began, our ambition was BOLD, to develop the best pre-filled Pod Device in the UK. Following the initial design and based upon feedback from many members of our team, myself included, a number of prototypes were developed and each version evaluated against our ambition. The TW byte has been specifically designed to provide smokers wishing to quit with an experience akin to smoking. The pre-filled pod’s use a unique system ESP technology, which provides ‘E-liquid Sealed & Protected’, utilising a ‘ripcord’ which ensures the liquid remains as fresh as the day it was produced and unlike other pod’s it doesn’t leak in transit! Importantly, the pod’s contain our own Switz Smooth e-liquid which has been formulated to provide smooth nicotine delivery with controlled throat hit, coming in 4 great flavors. I am so proud of this device.” Julian Urry, Retail Director

byte what's in the box

What you get

In the byte pod e-cig kit you get everything you need to start vaping, including:

• 1 x byte battery
• 4 x byte pre-filled pods
• 1 x USB charging cable
• 1 x Instruction booklet

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