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Claiming Extra E-liquid

Want to know how to get your hands on some free e-liquid? You’ve come to the right place!

There are two ways to get free e-liquid with Totally Wicked:

  • Purchase an e-cigarette kit - With every e-cigarette kit you get a free bottle of Red Label E-liquid, or in the case of the Switz3, you’re eligible for a bottle of Switz E-liquid.
  • Spend over £30 - If your order totals £30 (before shipping) you’ll get to claim an extra bottle of Red Label E-liquid for free! If you're solely ordering disposables then the free e-liquid will not be applied. 

How to Claim Your E-liquid

Once you reach the basket page, if you’re eligible for any free e-liquid you will see above your order a message instructing you to add your free liquid, and how many you're entitled to. Click 'Add extra e-liquid' to choose the flavour and strength of the e-liquid you like.

You can repeat the process until you've no free bottles left.


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