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Floor Standing Self Service Display Unit (FSDU)

Totally Wicked is proud to bring you the new Floor Standing Self Service Display Unit (FSDU) - Revolutionising the sale of vaping products!

Unit Features

  • Dual locking rear door, giving access for replenishment of stock.
  • 7 shelves containing a high-quality pusher system allowing easy access for your customers to browse and purchase. 
  • Dual branding on the FSDU, highlighting the key selling points of the e-cigarettes, related accessories and also guidance on e-liquid strengths. 

The Totally Wicked Package

  • An industry-leading self-service solution
  • Dedicated team to install, merchandise and train your team on the Totally Wicked e-cigarettes and e-liquid on site. 
  • Ongoing support from our dedicated Regional Managers
  • 2 x 4.5-meter flags
  • 1 x A1 swinging A-board.
Totally Wicked floor standing display unit

Totally Wicked Product Range

Features 3 of our best selling kits

Totally Wicked Arc 5

TW arc 5 - RRP £39.99

Totally Wicked Skope P

TW Skope P - RRP £24.99

Totally Wicked Skope S

TW Skope S - RRP £19.99

Premium UK Made E-liquids

Totally Wicked Red Label

24 of our best selling Red Label e-liquid flavours in 3 strengths - RRP £4.99


A range of supporting accessories for the kits, ensuring that your store is a one-stop solution for your customer's vaping needs.


  • 1 x 4.5 meter branded flags.
  • 1x A1 swinging A-Board.

Totally Wicked Flags and shop swing sign

Your Next Step

For further information contact our sales team today by calling 01254 311129 or email us at [email protected].

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