Totally Wicked is proud to bring you its self-service floor standing display unit

Our Floor Standing Display Unit (FSDU) is set to change the way you sell vaping products, forever. Our unique in-store solution is easy to stock, use and maintain and the results speak for themselves.

After introducing our FSDU’s, our customers have experienced a huge uplift in sales. Holding 720 e-liquid bottles whilst taking up minimal floor space, our FSDUs allow your customers to browse the range and choose the right product with ease, without taking up time at the front of the counter.

Five reasons you need an FSDU

• Proven to significantly increase e-liquid sales.
• Promotional materials provided free of charge.
• Self-service solution to reduce queue times.
• Conveniently sized at just 48cm wide.
• Premium products.

FSDU features

• Dual Locking rear door, giving easy access for replenishment of stock.
• Seven shelves containing a high-quality pusher system allowing easy access for your customers to browse and purchase.
• FSDU highlights the key selling points of the e-cigarettes, related accessories and also guidance on e-liquid strengths.
• Minimal floor space required.


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Totally Wicked floor standing display units

What's included?

3 of Totally Wicked's best selling kits

Totally Wicked Skope P

TW Skope P
The best refillable POD device on the market
RRP £24.99

Totally Wicked Skope S

TW Skope S
Cutting edge vaping technology
RRP £19.99

Premium UK made e-liquids

Totally Wicked Red Label

24 of our best selling Red Label e-liquid
flavours in 3 strengths - RRP £4.99


Our FSDU includes a range of supporting accessories for your kits, ensuring that your store is a one-stop solution for your customer’s vaping needs.

The Totally Wicked package

When you take our FSDU, you’re not only getting an industry-leading self-service solution stocked with premium products from renowned brands - you get the full Totally Wicked package.

Our aim is to make the journey as easy as possible for you and your customers, and our UK-wide team will be there every step of the way to provide you with all the support you need. Our team will install, merchandise and train your teams on our range of market-leading e-cigarettes and e-liquid on site, and you will receive ongoing support from our dedicated field managers and account managers.

What's included?

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