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Totally Wicked is a brand that values integrity, and customer satisfaction above all else. Our team of over 250 highly trained and motivated people strive daily to provide the highest quality products we can, based on over a decade of experience leading the sector. Our customer support surpasses even our expectations, as we open our doors and welcome new and experienced vapers into the Totally Wicked family.

Totally Wicked’s ethos is “empowering smokers to transform their lives”. To do just that, we need to do much more than just sell a set of vaping products. From expert guidance and advice, to excellent service and logistics, Totally Wicked aims to make your journey from smoking to vaping as seamless as possible. Totally Wicked also holds social responsibility in high regard, with strong relationships with the local community and forward-thinking initiatives to help benefit the wider community.

Industry Pioneer Responsibility

The Totally Wicked Group was formed in 2008 as the original UK vaping retailer, with the aim of providing a safer alternative to tobacco cigarettes and consequently help as many people as possible to quit their smoking habit. This goal is still core to everything Totally Wicked does and remains the heartbeat of the business. As pioneers of the UK vape industry, we have a responsibility, not only to our customers, but to the wider vaping industry, to stand up to the opposition and fight for what we believe in.

As a founder member of the IBVTA, Totally Wicked helps to influence positive and sensible policies. By protecting and nurturing the industry, the IBVTA has seen the UK vape sector grow from a few small businesses to a thriving market consisting of numerous large corporations as well as tight-knit family run enterprises. Totally Wicked has been integral to the IBVTA’s progressive work. Totally Wicked Chairman, Fraser Cropper, formerly chaired the IBVTA. During his tenure as Chairman, the IBVTA helped to influence strong government positions on e-cigarettes, resulting in forward-thinking initiatives and ultimately huge growth for the industry and a steep decline in smoking rates.

Fraser Cropper

Totally Wicked has always remained, and will continue to remain, role models in terms of corporate responsibility. Protecting our customers and the wider community, including young people is paramount to setting the right precedent for the UK vape sector. By employing challenge 25 policies, ensuring every product is thoroughly tested to the highest safety standards and providing ample information on safety guidelines and best practice, Totally Wicked goes way above and beyond the basic requirements.

Customer Reassurance and Satisfaction

Ensuring complete customer satisfaction is essential to everything we do. This goes much deeper than simply risking losing a customer. If we let down a vaper because of our service or products there is chance that person would return to smoking, having a potentially disastrous effect on their health. We take this as a personal responsibility so do everything in our power to ensure our customers are satisfied and stay on track on their quit smoking journey.

Quality Products

All products sold through Totally Wicked are subject to meticulous quality control procedures. Totally Wicked has a strong relationship with our core hardware suppliers, Joyetech Wismec Eleaf International (JWEI). As official UK distributors we have a strong element of trust in the products and have seen first-hand, their manufacturing and stewardship process. We also have an in-house technical and engineering team. Every product sold at Totally Wicked is subject to thorough internal testing to ensure full safety, as well as excellent product efficiency and performance. Our confidence in our products is backed up by a comprehensive product warranty to pass this confidence on to you.

All e-liquids produced and sold by Totally Wicked are also subject to a particularly extensive stewardship regime. A series of internal and external testing stages are in place to ensure that every single bottle of e-liquid sold through our channels meets our very high standards of safety and quality.

E-liquid Testing Lab

Quality Service

Beyond our quality products lies a team of more than 250 staff members, all sharing Totally Wicked’s ethos. From our customer service team and retail staff to our logistics experts and leadership team, all Totally Wicked employees strive to provide the best possible service to our customers.

Providing you with products quickly and efficiently is hugely important to us. Our stock is held right at our own warehouse facility meaning your orders are ready to be shipped out to you the very same day. Aside from our efficient logistics we provide a sector-leading service on a much more personal level.

Our highly-trained customer service team have a more than 30 years of vaping experience between them. Whether you’re new to vaping, just finding your feet or an experienced vaper, we’re here for you. There are countless ways to contact us including live chat, email, social media and even WhatsApp. Whatever you’re query, no matter how silly it may seem, our team is trained to support you on both a technical and empathetic level.

This service is mirrored in all of our Totally Wicked retail stores. Our retail staff members are trained using the “Mr Wicked Way”. This means that that they fully understand every aspect of the smoker to vaper journey and how to combat any possible pitfalls or hurdles, allowing them to provide suitable solutions.

Totally Wicked Retail Staff

Social Responsibility

Selling quality products with great service and providing a positive contribution to the industry are pivotal to our success but supporting the community, both local and further afield, is what sets us apart. Totally Wicked is a proud East Lancashire-based company, starting from humble beginnings in Blackburn. As the business has grown, we have never forgotten our roots and continue to give back to the local community.

Over the years we have supported local sports clubs including a local Ice Hockey team, Blackburn Eagles. We have also worked in conjunction with various local charities including Nightsafe and Blackburn Youth Zone. We are now official partners of Blackburn Rovers FC and are striving to help the local football community become smoke-free.

Moving to the wider community, Totally Wicked works closely with NHS Trusts and smoking cessation clinics all over the country. This allows these trusts to benefit from our experience and assets to help more people quit smoking and switch over to healthier alternatives.

Mersey Care

From our customer base to the wider vaping industry and onto the wider community, Totally Wicked aims to make a real difference. Whether this be in achieving our main goal of helping smokers become smoke-free or raising vital awareness of local business and charities, we strive to go the extra mile in every way. 

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