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Stoptober 2020

Make the Switch this stoptober

This Stoptober you have taken the first, very important, step in considering quitting smoking using an e-cig. Totally Wicked is a place where over a decade of vaping experience means that not only do you get the best products and the best support, but some of the best prices to help you make the switch this Stoptober.

E-cigs and Vape Deals from £4.99

We have a great vape deal regardless of where you shop. You can find your perfect e-cig whether you shop online, on the high street or on the move.

arc Mini bundle


On our website and with our customer service team you can pick up an arc Mini bundle. This bundle is full of extras for just the price of the kit! Included, are two bottles of e-liquid, three atomizer heads and a UK wall adapter for safe charging. If you bought the bundle items separately it would cost you £51.96! But you can get the full bundle for just £34.99 this Stoptober.

Tornado EX2 Bundle


On our website and with our customer service team you can pick up a Tornado EX2 bundle. Packed full of extras, the bundle includes two bottles of e-liquid, four atomizer heads and a UK wall adapter for safe charging. If you bought the individual items separately the price would be £42.96! This Stoptober at Totally Wicked online, pick up the full bundle for just £26.99.

Skope P Pod offer


If you are on the high street and visit one of our retail stores this October you can get the Skope P pod e-cig with three bottles of e-liquid. This Stoptober it is just £16.99!

byte vape pod offer


If you know a smoker who wants to make the switch to vaping, tell them to head to Asda or Euro Garages, where they can pick up our byte pod vape kit for £4.99 (Usual price £19.99). Packs of replacement pre-filled pods are also only £4.99 for the whole month (Usual price £9.99).

What is Stoptober?

Stoptober is a government initiative to help raise awareness of the dangers of smoking and provide increased support for smokers who want to quit, throughout the month of October. E-cigarettes are now recognised as the UK’s most popular quitting aid. In recent years, Stoptober campaigns have begun to endorse e-cigarettes and provide key information on vaping. The initiative has helped countless smokers quit over the years and we hope this year’s campaign has another positive impact.

Stop Smoking

Can you use an e-cig to stop smoking?

Yes. E-cigarettes are a recognised quit aid and studies show that not only are e-cigs almost three times as effective as traditional NRTs (Nicotine Replacement Treatments), but that smokers are 95% more likely to quit with the help of a vape than if they used nothing. Our ethos is ‘Empowering smokers to transform their lives’.

For well over a decade we have been resolute in our mission of helping smokers make the switch to vaping. Totally Wicked vape products are now sold in more locations than ever. Supermarket giants, Asda and Sainsburys are now stockists of the world’s premier vaping products and a growing number of e-cigarettes and e-liquids are also sold in more than 400 Euro Garages (EG) forecourt sites. If you shop on the high street and go to one of our vape stores, or you can speak to our customer service team, they can offer valuable support for smokers on their quitting journey.

Totally Wicked retail and customer service team members are trained by the National Centre for Smoking Cessation and Training (NCSCT), meaning they have smoking cessation practitioner level knowledge. This allows the in-store and online teams to give smokers valuable vaping advice as well as key information on how to remain smoke-free

What is the best e-liquid for new vapers?

The type of smoker you are can help guide you on what e-liquid you should buy. Especially when it comes to nicotine strength. As a general rule the more cigarettes you smoke daily, the higher the nicotine strength that you should choose for your first e-liquid. We have created a guide that can help you choose your first nicotine strength.

Choose your e-liquid nicotine strength

Remember, there can be an element of trial and error here. Someone who smokes five a day might need a 1.8% (18mg/ml) to satisfy their cigarette cravings. On the flip side someone who smokes 20 cigarettes a day might only need a 0.6% (6mg/ml) to help them stop smoking. Use the above table as a guide and go from there.

E-liquid flavour is a different story. This is all personal preference. A lot of smokers who are making the switch want to stick to flavours that will help them mimic the sensation of smoking. They will pick a tobacco or menthol flavour, so it feels and tastes similar to smoking. Others want to get as far away from that flavour as possible, so they will choose a fruit or dessert flavour.

Start with a nicotine strength that follows our guide above and then choose a flavour that you like the sound of. Only pick a couple of bottles at first, while it is tempting because there are so many flavours to choose from, you don’t want to buy a lot of bottles until you know what you like and what nicotine strength you should choose.

What e-cig should I buy to stop smoking?

The best place to begin your stop smoking journey is our vape starter kit section. All of our e-cig starter kits come with everything you need to start vaping as soon as it arrives, including pre-filled pods or e-liquid.

 Quit smoking, start vaping


What type of e-cig you choose depends on you. Very similar to e-liquid, there is an element of personal preference, but there is an ideal e-cig for everyone. Ask yourself some questions. Throughout the day are you going to be able to charge your e-cig? If not then you may need to consider battery life first.

Do you want something extremely simple to use? This way there will be no impact on your daily routine, a pod system might be best. Do you want a vape that will grow with you? Maybe look at a starter kit with adjustable settings. If you are shopping online, we have a tool that you can use.

Our e-cig chooser asks you a series of simple questions and will then recommend the right kit for you. If you are shopping on the high street, pop into one of our stores where our NCSCT trained staff can best advise you on the best vape starter kit to get you started.

If you just want to give vaping a go, as you are not sure if it will be the right stop smoking path for you, the byte pod e-cig is the ideal place to start. It is the simplest way to make the switch to vaping and if you visit an Asda or Euro Garage petrol station this Stoptober it is only £4.99 for the byte kit.  

Can I vape and smoke at the same time?

Yes, you can and many vapers do. Do not set strict limits on yourself as you are setting up to fail. Everyone’s vaping journey is completely different. Some people pick up an e-cig and never smoke again. Some people will ‘dual use’, which is vaping and smoking at the same time. Others slowly wean themselves off cigarettes until they are only vaping. There are no rules. What is important is that you aren’t craving cigarettes and are cutting down the number you smoke a day. Most people eventually move completely over to vaping without even realising it.

I have tried vaping to stop smoking. It didn’t work.

As mentioned earlier, there is an ideal e-cig and e-liquid for everyone, but you might not get that the first time you buy a vape. Why didn’t your e-cig work for you? Were you still craving cigarettes? If so, you might need to change your e-liquid strength. Did you get too much throat hit and maybe cough? Then you might need a lower powered e-cig or to change to a nic salt e-liquid We can help you. If you need advice on getting your first e-cig, either pop in store or speak to our customer service team.

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