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Making the switch to vaping can be a daunting process to many smokers. It is therefore very important to set off on the right foot. There is no “one size fits all” answer when it comes to vaping so expert advice is essential. With hundreds of e-liquids and a wide range of different e-cigarettes, it’s difficult to know where to start, and indeed whether to make the switch at all.

Our highly-trained customer service team are on hand to give you in-depth guidance on general and more specific queries, and boast over 34 years of vaping experience between them. All Totally Wicked retail and customer service staff have been given National Centre for Smoking Cessation and Training (NCSCT) practitioner training. This means you can be assured that when you contact Totally Wicked, you are talking to someone who understands smoking cessation, not just somebody trying to sell you the latest goods.

Advice on whether to make the switch

At Totally Wicked, we have the utmost confidence in vaping as a key smoking cessation tool. It is estimated that e-cigarettes have helped around 4 million people in the UK quit smoking but we are not under the illusion that vaping is the solution for every single smoker. Our aim is to simply give you all the correct information, allowing you to make a calculated and informed decision on whether to make the switch.

Product Advice

The world of vaping can be as simple or as complicated as you like. We know that product choice and technical lingo can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Whilst Totally Wicked does stock a vast range of products, we use tailored tools and logic so you can cut to the chase. Whether you’re after a tank, kit, atomizer accessory or e-liquid you should be able to find the right option for you in a matter of minutes.

Selection of Vape Kits

Hardware and Devices

From sub-ohm kits and hefty mods to pre-filled pods and pen style devices, there is a Totally Wicked device for every vaper, but how do you know which one is for you? 

Our e-cigarette chooser allows you to filter your preferences, resulting in the best suited kit for your specific needs. Rather than using technical terminology, we like to make the options relatable. We understand that you may not know your preferred wattage output but you do you know if you want either a lot of vapour or a small amount of vapour from your e-cig. 

We like to make all of our product information palatable for the everyday vaper. Key information can be seen quickly and easily on each product page, with in-depth descriptions to support. We also produce short videos for the majority of our products, allowing you to explore all the key features in less than two minutes and make an informed decision on whether it’s the device for you.

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Even with all this information, you still may want some extra reassurance on which device to go for. Not to worry, our customer service team are hand to give you expert advice. The Totally Wicked Customer Service team are given comprehensive training on every Totally Wicked product. This gives them a greater understanding on who each product is for and how it will meet their needs. 


E-liquids are fundamentally very simple; consisting of just four ingredients. However, with the vast array of flavours, strengths and ranges, it’s important to find the right one for you. Once you find your perfect e-liquid, the rest is plain sailing so we provide extensive information to put you on the right path. We also provide reassurance that all of our e-liquids are fully tested to the highest industry standards. 

E-liquid Lab

Before you decide on which e-liquid to go for, you need to make sure you know what you’re vaping. It is important to do your research when purchasing a product for consumption and to only buy from a reputable brand you trust. At Totally Wicked, we aim to instil this trust by remaining completely open and showcasing our commendable quality and testing standards. You can view the e-liquid certificates for our e-liquid ranges and find out more about our rigorous quality control process on our e-liquid testing page. If you have allergies, dietary requirements or concerns over ingredients, our E-liquid FAQs page is stacked with vital advice. 

Our Customer Service team and retail staff are also highly knowledgeable on e-liquid, thanks to extensive training. If you have any queries whatsoever, our teams are on hand to put your mind at ease and are supported by our in-house experts, who have a wealth of experience in toxicology and product stewardship. 

As a new vaper, it’s essential to pick the right nicotine strength as this is key to satisfying your cravings. Our What nicotine strength e-liquid should I get page gives clear advice which is digestible for any vaper. Now, we can’t tell you which flavour will be best for you, as this is personal preference. However, we categorise our e-liquids in a way which allows you to see the flavours which suit your taste preferences, all in one place.

 We’re also on hand to help match the best range of e-liquid to your specific needs and to the device you’re using. Speak to our customer service team who will be able to give you the low down on PG/VG ratios, nic salts and strengths. 

Advice to keep you on track

It is possible that you will meet some pitfalls on your vaping journey but you should also not give up, as we are here for you every step of the way. Our customer service team has a depth of personal vaping experience and have come across countless different scenarios from customers. This allows the team to provide solutions to any fallback you may experience, in an empathetic and constructive way. 

Customer Services Team

No matter how far into your vaping journey you are, Totally Wicked will provide you with sector-leading advice.


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