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Slider / Slider 2 Tank Replacement Atomizer Heads x 2


Slider / Slider 2 Tank Replacement Atomizer Heads x 2

In stock

Vapour Production

  • Regular - A satisfying amount for most vapers
  • High - A larger cloud of vapour, generally used with lower nicotine strength
  • Ultra - Huge clouds of vapour, almost always used with very low nicotine strength


  • Regular - Reminiscent of a combustible cigarette
  • Airy - A more open draw, particularly with airflow fully open
  • Open - Very free airflow, suitable for cloud production

Suggested Power

  • This is our suggested power settings for the atomizer head to produce a balance of vapour, throat hit and flavour

Suggested E-liquid

  • These are our preferred nicotine strengths for these atomizer heads. You can use different strengths as you prefer, as the atomizer heads will function perfectly with all strengths

The ML atomizer heads below are compatible with your Slider / Slider 2 tank.

Simply select your choice from the drop down beneath the table and add to your basket.

Atomizer HeadVapour ProductionAirflowSuggested PowerSuggested E-liquid
0.75ohm MTL Regular Regular 18 watts 1.0%
0.5ohm High Airy 25 watts 0.6%
ML2 0.5ohm Ultra Open 35 watts 0.0-0.3%
0.3ohm High Airy 30 watts 0.3-0.6%
ML2 0.3ohm Ultra Open 32 watts 0.0-0.3%
0.25ohm Ultra Open 40 watts 0.0-0.3%
0.18ohm Ultra Open 40 watts 0.0-0.3%
0.15ohm Ni Ultra Open  ~ 0.0-0.3%
0.5ohm Ti Ultra Open  ~ 0.0-0.3%

Supplied with original kit

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