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Vaping Statistics

Every day, people are successfully making the switch from smoking to vaping. We asked our customers about their vaping journeys and the results are striking. Below we run through our vaping statistics and tell you about the impact that Totally Wicked has had on its customers over the last 10 years, a trend that we intend to continue.

90% quit smoking forever
3/4 quit smoking completely in less than a month
Half say other methods didn't work

Vaping Survey

In February 2018 we undertook a major survey, distributed via email to our retail store and online customers. The data collected demonstrates how successful our customers’ quit attempts have been.

We hope that these success stories will be the trigger that smokers need to give up cigarettes, and help them find an alternative to smoking in the form of vaping.

Results from Real Vapers

If you have got this far, you must be thinking about making the switch to vaping or helping a friend or family member give up smoking. So let's take a look at the results from our vaping survey from Totally Wicked customers.

Over 90% regard themselves as having quit smoking forever, with another 8% believing themselves to have cut down considerably on smoking using e-cigarettes.

86% of our respondents were smoke free by the end of the third month. Over 63% reported they stopped smoking pretty much immediately. 78% had quit by the end of the first month.

Almost half of all those who responded said they had tried other methods of quitting and they hadn’t worked.

78% quit smoking using medium or high nicotine strength e-liquids (choosing the correct initial nicotine strength is vital to success).

Alongside Totally Wicked, friends, family and colleagues provided the most support in quitting smoking.

Quitting Smoking with E-cigarettes

As you can see the success of our customers has been staggering. If you are new to vaping and looking for more detailed information on how e-cigarettes can help you stop smoking then you may want to read our New to Vaping Guide. Here you will find much more information on how to choose your e-liquid and how to avoid smoking triggers to help ensure you keep off cigarettes.

With over 10 years leading from the front in the vaping industry, at Totally Wicked we pride ourselves on our customer service, personal support, quality of products and above all our integrity.  We only offer our customers the very best e-cigarettes and e-liquid.

Danielle is one customer who emailed us in June 2019 and said:


I have been a Totally Wicked client since I started vaping 2 years ago. In a couple of months I stopped smoking completely from 1 packet a day. I have steadily gone down my % of eliquid and I am now on the lowest. My aim is to go onto 0% for a while and eventually stop completely.

Anyhow, this email is not about me, it's about the TW team. I often email questions, and when I need instant answers, I use the Chat capability on the website.

I have ALWAYS received AMAZING customer service! Every time, the person that looks after me goes above and beyond my expectations, and they ALWAYS have managed to answer my needs. They are always patient and kind (even when I ask silly questions).

Recently I have been to the new TW store in Chester and there too the people are great. They will spend whatever time you need, to explain, show and let you try things until you find a solution that is exactly right for you.

Finally the recent IT upgrade you've done has made my experience even better.

So I thought I would send you this email to let you know that all this does not go unnoticed and I do recommend TW to anybody that will listen. Yesterday a new colleague of mine followed my advice and went to the Chester store and bought a starter kit, she too loved the shop experience.

Continue the great work, and whoever is in charge of your recruitment make sure you congratulate them.

Kind regards Danielle

If after seeing the success of others, you are ready to switch from smoking to vaping with Totally Wicked, it's time to choose your first e-cig. Our starter kits are simple to use, easy to maintain and come with everything you need to start vaping.  If you need any further information on switching from smoking to vaping read our simple guide or give us a call.


  • Cohort: Totally Wicked e-commerce and retail customers, randomised from all buying pattern groups (including inactive) with approximate proportions preserved.
  • Number polled: 10 x groups 2000
  • Dates of survey releases: 1-5 Feb 2018
  • Responses: 1653
  • Survey delivery: email directing to online survey, Survey Monkey
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