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In May 2020, a premium selection of Totally Wicked e-liquids and e-cigs was introduced into over 420 Asda stores throughout the UK.

Attracting over 19 million shoppers each week, Asda is a powerhouse and is one of the UK’s most popular household brands. Asda’s strategy to expand their vaping category with a range of premium vaping products fit perfectly with our ambition to expand into a wider supermarket arena.

Vapers and smokers will be able to pick up a great variety of flavours and strengths of Mr Wicked’s Premier E-liquids (five flavours in two strengths), and the newly packaged nic-salt Symphonic (four flavours in two strengths) and the Totally Wicked byte and replacement pods, when shopping in store at Asda.

The collaboration further enhances Totally Wicked’s entry into the supermarket arena and coincides with a shift change as vaping consumers became more demanding; expecting the best quality, well known brands to be available as part of their habitual purchasing routine.

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