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VLTZ - upgrade your disposable

VLTZ - Upgrade your disposable

The VLTZ collection captures the intense flavour of disposables in a range of products designed to let you enjoy your flavour, your way.

VLTZ E-liquid is made with the highest quality ingredients at our own UK headquarters, meeting the highest standards. Discover VLTZ E-liquid in a variety of nicotine strengths and over 20 flavours that mirror disposable vapes. Choose from either 10ml e-liquid bottles or convenient pre-filled pods.

So, whether you’re a smoker looking to switch to a simple-to-use vape, or searching for an alternative to disposables, there’s a VLTZ product for you.

Meet the flex Pro

Discover the VLTZ flex Pro

Get ready for the ultimate flex with the VLTZ flex Pro Box and flex Pro Bar. You can truly flex the way you vape with cross-compatible refillable and pre-filled pods and a choice of vibrant battery designs and colours. Whichever flex Pro device you choose, you can be sure of a consistent vaping experience thanks to the constant voltage upgrade inside each flex Pro battery. Take a closer look at the latest additions to the VLTZ family.

  1. VLTZ flex Pro Bar Pre-Filled colours

    Includes 1 Pre-Filled Pod

    VLTZ flex Pro Bar Pre-Filled
    • Cross compatible device & pods
    • Over 20 pre-filled pod flavours
    • 900mAh battery
  2. VLTZ flex Pro Bar Refillable colours

    Includes 1 Refillable Pod

    VLTZ flex Pro Bar Refillable
    • Cross compatible device & pods
    • Unlimited puffs with refillable pods
    • 900mAh battery
  3. VLTZ flex Pro Box Pre-Filled

    Includes 1 Pre-Filled Pod

    VLTZ flex Pro Box Pre-Filled
    • Cross compatible device & pods
    • Over 20 pre-filled pod flavours
    • 1000mAh battery
  4. VLTZ flex Pro Box Refillable

    Includes 1 Refillable Pod

    VLTZ flex Pro Box Refillable
    • Cross compatible device & pods
    • Unlimited puffs with refillable pods
    • 1000mAh battery

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  1. VLTZ E-liquid - 20 Flavours

    Mix & Match from £3.99

    VLTZ E-liquid
    • Over 20 disposable flavours
    • 3 Nicotine strengths
    • £2.92 each in a subscription
  2. VLTZ flex Pro Pre-filled Pod x 1

    Mix & Match from £2.25

    VLTZ Flex Pro Pre-filled Pod x 1
    • Over 20 Intense Flavours
    • 1.6% (16mg/ml) Nicotine strength
    • Mesh coil
  3. VLTZ flex Pro Refillable Pod x 1
    • Mesh coil technology
    • 2ml e-liquid capacity
    • Side filled
  4. VLTZ re:fuel
    • Refillable and rechargeable
    • Up to 3500 puffs
    • The equivalent of 5 disposables

4 Items

per page
VLTZ range of e-liquid flavours

Bold flavours
that pack a punch

Get ready to experience a whole new level of flavour with the VLTZ range available in over 20 extreme flavours! From the sweet and tangy taste of Blue Razz Lemonade to the refreshing coolness of Peach Ice, VLTZ eliquid is a range of flavours that pack a punch and are sure to satisfy even the most adventurous taste buds.

Great taste,
less waste

VLTZ offers sustainable alternatives to disposable vapes, without compromising on flavour or convenience. Our reusable vaping products are designed to last, reducing waste. Enjoy the same great flavours with our sleek devices, pre-filled pods, and UK-made e-liquids. Join our mission to protect the environment and the VLTZ revolution today.

VLTZ sustainability
Multiple VLTZ products on a platform

Meet the

The VLTZ range includes the hassle-free Flex pre-filled pod kit, the rechargeable and refillable re:fuel disposable, and over 20 intense flavoured VLTZ e-liquids.

The flex is perfect for those who prefer a simple vaping experience, with pre-filled pods that make it easy to switch between flavours. The rechargeable battery and compact size make it ideal for on-the-go use, while still reducing your environmental impact.

For a more cost-effective option, try our re:fuel refillable vape, which lasts up to 10 times longer than traditional disposables. Simply fill it with your favourite VLTZ e-liquid and enjoy the intense flavour.


How does VLTZ give better value than using other disposables?

The VLTZ range is a trilogy of products, designed to allow you to enjoy the great flavours of disposables in a format that suits you. If you’re looking for the same intense flavour experience of the VLTZ bar in a more cost-effective vape, the VLTZ flex and re:fuel will both save you money. A bottle of VLTZ E-liquid used with a VLTZ re:fuel lasts at least as long as 5 disposable vapes.

Does VLTZ offer more environmentally friendly options than disposables?

The VLTZ flex and re:fuel are designed to offer the same intense flavour experience of a disposable vape, in a more environmentally friendly product. The VLTZ flex is a rechargeable pod device, where you do not dispose of the battery as you would with a disposable vape. Simply replace the pre-filled pod when the flavour runs out. The VLTZ re:fuel is a refillable, rechargeable vape that lasts at least as long as 5 traditional disposable vapes, meaning you are disposing of much less waste. For those wanting to move away from disposable devices completely, VLTZ E-liquid can also be used in the Skope Air. You can return any Totally Wicked or VLTZ disposable to our stores. We will make sure they disposed of responsibly, with recycling of materials where available and appropriate.

Where can I buy VLTZ?

The full VLTZ range is available to buy in all Totally Wicked stores, as well as on our website. The VLTZ Bar is available in ASDA, Sainsbury’s, and many convenience shops and petrol stations.

Where can I learn more about VLTZ?

To learn more about VLTZ, read our full write up on the range.

How is VLTZ different to other ranges?

All VLTZ products are filled with UK manufactured e-liquid, made in our own Totally Wicked UK facility and produced to the highest regulatory and quality standards. What is truly unique about the VLTZ range however, is that we have created a range of products designed to let vapers enjoy the intense flavours of disposables, in a way that suits them. The trilogy of VLTZ products – bar, pod and e-liquid, are designed to suit vapers on every stage of their journey. Whether that is just starting out with a convenient disposable, moving on to a more cost-effective pod device, or using VLTZ e-liquid in a refillable vape. All VLTZ products deliver the same great flavour and are also available in a range of nicotine strengths, 1.6%, 1% and 0%, to suit different vapers needs.

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