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Our Vaping Products

Our vaping products

E-cigarettes come in all shapes and sizes with varying specifications, features and benefits. Many vapers may only experience one kind of e-cigarette in their vaping journey, as that is all they need. However, not all e-cigs are ideal for every type of vaper. We therefore offer more than 40 different e-cigarette kits, all with their own benefits.

Here we will guide you through our vaping products, why we brand them, our warranties and how we are here to help you.

Totally Wicked Logo

Why are Products Branded Totally Wicked

Once we have decided to put our name on a vaping product, it has already been through an intensive process of testing and peer review. We take branding products very seriously. Read more about our full process here.


arc range of vape kits

The arc Family of Vape Kits

No one could have guessed when the first arc e-cigarette kit was released that it would go on to be one of Totally Wicked’s best sellers. Now an entire family of arc e-cigs exist and are loved by vapers. See the full range here.


Range of e-cigs

Vaping Kits

Every day, people are successfully making the switch from smoking to vaping. We asked our customers about their vaping journeys and the results are striking. Below we run through our vaping statistics.


Vaping product know how

Product Safety

All e-cigarettes require light upkeep and maintenance. But how can you do this safely? In our product safety section we run through all the hints and tips you could need about how to safely store and maintain your vape.


Man with checklist

Product Warranty and Recycling

We pride ourselves on our industry leading warranty and product safety. Problems can occasionally happen, but we are here for you when they do. Read more about the detail of our warranties and how to resolve any issues.


Customer services on phones

Always on Hand to Help

We do not hide behind a ticket system or email system, you can call us 6 days a week, message us via Live Chat or call into one of our stores. Plus we have an informative support section online to help answer many questions.


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