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Quit Smoking Vape Bundles

Ready to quit smoking? We’re with you every step of the way. From choosing the right vape bundle for your needs, to offering personalised quit-smoking support – we’re here to help. Kick-start your vaping journey with one of our money-saving vape bundles.

Did you know? E-cigarettes are almost twice as effective as nicotine patches and gum

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Enjoy peace of mind with our six-month warranty.

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Quit Smoking Calculator

Use our quit smoking calculator to find out just how much you could save when you switch to vaping. The results may surprise you!

Totally Wicked's Quit Smoking Calculator. How much could you save?

Testimonial - Craig's Story

I tried to quit smoking a few times by going cold turkey, I failed. I was smoking around 10 cigarettes a day but around 4 years ago I stumbled across Totally Wicked.

At the start, I had a live chat with a member of their team, I explained my issues and addressed what I would want out of vaping, together we picked a vape that would be suited to me and I was guided smoothly from the start, included “check in” calls from their amazing team.

I haven’t smoked a single cigarette since, my asthma has massively improved and whilst initially I was unsure about moving to vaping, it was the best decision I’ve ever made, plus it saved me so much money.

Now, I have a monthly subscription which sends my favourite e-liquids every 30 days.

In terms of ongoing service, I stumbled across an issue with my first kit as I just felt it wasn’t fulfilling my needs anymore which was tempting me to go back to the dreaded cigs. I jumped straight onto Live Chat and had another good discussion around my needs and gained further advice to help me progressing along my path – I was saved once again.

In summary, with the money saving and health benefits aside, I’m thrilled to have moved to vaping as I hadn’t realised how much smoking stank, my hands, clothes and hair all used to stink of smoking and now I smell nothing but fresh!

I can’t recommend Totally Wicked highly enough!

Quit-Smoking Guides and Inspiration

Iron out any new-to-vaping niggles and keep on track with our selection of guides and articles. We’ve a fantastic hub of blogs and reviews, written by our resident vaping experts and posted in Vaped.

Vape Subscriptions

Bought a bundle and back for more? Now you’ve got your kit, why not save money and time with an e-liquid subscription? Save up to 40% on premium e-liquids and enjoy a flexible delivery service straight to your door. Discover how you could save even more on e-liquids.

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